Best Cardio exercises for weight loss

There are so many methods that help you lose weight and keep fit. The most common advice for obese people goes for having a strict diet plan in a couple of weeks. Then, ones should give up the sedentary lifestyle and be more active by engaging themselves in sports, gym or other physical activities. You can easily find more information of weight loss food and exercises in every fitness websites, and definitely most of the information you reap from those articles are the results of dedicated researches. And the sense of achievement will emerge after you finish reading this article.

In general, cardio workout requires much of your consideration as very low intensity exercises hardly result in losing considerable amount of weight. Cardio exercises such as running, cycling, playing badminton, etc. are ideal to start off your day with enthusiasm and high mood. These activities create endorphin – the substance that makes you happy. Moreover, your metabolic system is also boosted, then the circulation of your energy will be ensure with optimized capacity. Great things come after you do the cardio on a daily basis.

Another thing that you should raise in your mind is how cardio workout might shed some pounds out of your body. In fact, you can easily see this result after a while when you engage in high intensity workout programs, namely weight lifting, push up, or plank. When it comes to weight loss process, exercise is just one side of your losing-weight attempt equation. The other side lies the food you are consuming regularly.

Within this equation, scientists call this the balance of  calorie in and calorie out. Simple as it may sound, if the calories you take in is higher than the calorie out, you gain weight and vice versa. Therefore, your weight loss process must be a combination of what you eat and how you work out. When you totally control your calorie intake and have a suitable exercise program, you are preparing to reap your fitness result. Unfortunately, 2 pounds is the maximum fat you can lose each week, according to fitness guru.


People, especially the obese, should engage in cardio exercises for 2 main benefit: Burn extra calories and increase the cardio fitness, or durability. After a couple of weeks doing cardio, you will be able to run, walk or swim longer and farther as your body is getting used to the daily workout intensity, and it even requires more strength.

Here is the fact that might surprise you: the more cardio you do, the less effective it might be. This phenomenon is called “the training effect”. When your body is familiar with your daily cardio exercises, it is not that challenge as the first time you did. Therefore, your heart and lung are much better conditioned and you consume less energy and less effort on the repetitive movements. Should you want to fix this, try to add more time to your regular routine, or more sessions, or increase the intensity of your workout.

FYI, intensity is the key to your weight loss success. Consider this, if you do not feel tired or sweating profoundly, you may not do hard enough. After your cardio doing, your shirt must be soaked, you heart keeps beating and your lung feels like burning. If you have those 3 or more signs, congratulation, you are doing the cardio exercises effectively.

First and foremost, you should ask yourself how many days per week to perform the cardio sessions. For sure there is no unique number of time for everyone. It is your body type that determines your workout duration and your frequency. However, you should notice that too many sessions is not always a wise option as human body is highly adaptive towards physical activities. Therefore, it is easily adjust to this level of cardio even faster. In the long run, this will create the weight loss plateau or you might not shed the intended pounds.

1. What is cardio?

Cardio is the short form of Cardiovascular – a terminology that describe the circulatory system of your heart and blood vessels. Cardio exercises are beneficial to increase both heart rate and metabolism, which are the key factors to help you shed some pounds out of your body.

People tend to challenge their strength via endurance exercises. Cardio is performed with longer stretches of time, make the heart beat even faster and more blood is pumped into your system. This process carries more nutrients and oxygen to every cell in your body.

2. Precaution

One of the most common questions that most people are concerning is: How long and how often should I work out? And the expert says: You’d better do X minutes of cardio Y days every week. As you know, the figure of X and Y vary from person to person, and there is no exact answer. They are determined by how much calorie you require on a daily basis. The criteria includes the individual workout capacity, recovery time, sleep, age, gender, stress, and body type. Therefore, a cardio program that might be too much for one could be ideal for another.

You can figure out your body capability after a couple of week, long enough that you deeply listen you your body. After doing cardio exercises, are you getting more tired, do you suffer sleep trouble or are you  easily get sick? If you start having some disorders of your body or whatever, it is time to adjust your program and reduce the frequency or the intensity. These syndromes are likely to happen to the starters, when they are accustomed to new physical movements. Sometimes it is advisable that you consult a fitness expert to get the right direction. On the other hand, when things are fine and you feel pretty good, you should keep doing what you are doing.

Good cardio training has numerous benefit, however, overdo it can soon lead to health problems or injuries, for instance aching knee, slower metabolism or even muscle lost.

3. HIIT and LISS


Low intensity and long duration cardio

Any exercises that performs constant pace for 60 minutes or more is called LISS (Low Intensity Steady State). The lower the intensity of your cardio, the greater percentage of energy that derived from fat oxidation. When the intensity increases, more and more calories are being burnt, mostly from the muscle tissues. During this stage, your body breaks down muscle tissues to create energy. For those people who are new to exercising or fitness, LISS is the right approach to be stronger and perfect for a first step on the fitness journey.

High intensity and short duration

The most popular cardio exercise to burn extra fat is HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). HIIT helps you burn more calorie right at the time you are sweating, and you are still burning calorie within 24 or 48 hours after working out. Unlike LISS which is the first choice of newbie, HIIT is preferred by those who want to experience a higher level of fitness – more strength, more pressure and less time.

With such a  hard and sweaty exercise routine, you will shed a considerable amount of fat. One big bonus of HIIT for exercise doers is the post exercise. It does not mean that you only burn fat during your workout nor does it mean that HIIT is for gym doers. In reality, after your activities has ended, your body still keeps burning fat. At the same time, your metabolism also get itself boosted. Remember to shrink the time you perform HIIT, around 20 minutes is perfectly suitable to keep you healthy. In the long run, you can gradually increase the time span in order to perform greater intensity.

As mentioned above, the level of intensity is extremely important to your weight loss triumph. The tactic is training in the balance between LISS and HIIT. LISS training is very useful one it is performed after HIIT, with the main purpose of self-relaxing.

4. Exercises

Moving your body around and you definitely burn more calories than just sitting idly in front of the television. You walk more, then you burn more. In general, most cardio exercises are simple to perform, let’s say, you walk up and down the stair, jump high, skip or walk around the park. Then, you can take up any kinds of sport as a hobby, and after a long time, you will have no fear of your weight again. Your expected result will come when you enjoy your cardio program with gusto. One more thing, you should try out different cardio exercises rather than stick to just one or 2 every month. This alternation provides you more cardio options and eliminates the feeling of boredom. Common and easy cardio exercises:

Stair climbing


As simple as it might sound, climbing up and down the stairs whenever you can is proven to provide a handful of benefits. On top of those, your lower body is strengthened, and with persistence you might lose more abundant fat around your thighs and abnormal.



Swimming considerably increases your heartbeat and maximizes your flexibility. Swimming is a continuous movement of your whole body. In terms of vigorous swimming, you can burn up to 350 calories within 30 minutes. On the other hand, leisurely swimming just cut off around 250 calories at the same time.



Cycling does more to your overall fitness levels. With relatively similar function of stair climbing, your lower body, especially your legs work out with full capacity. Thus, cycling is a great method to tone your lower limb muscles and consolidate the durability of your leg. Unluckily, it does not help much to your upper body. When cycling. your burnt calories depend on your speed and resistance of the route.



You need a spacious place, and that’s all. Actually, jumping does not help a lot to your weight loss target. However, this simple exercise is a perfect choice for warming up. Do some jumping every morning or just before your workout time delivers more oxygen to your brain and gradually increases your heartbeat. In terms of jumping, you can try skipping which helps you increase your hand-eye coordination. In the long run, you can challenge yourself with more difficulty sessions, for instance side steps, speed steps, cross mode or couple jumper, etc.



Jogging makes you move every single part of your body. Jogging is a quick-version of walking which you have to perform quick movement of your hand. Performing continuous non-stop movements is the right way to shed unwanted calories. Should you think of increasing the effectiveness of this cardio exercise, try to jog on rugged and rough terrains or some hilly inclined areas.



Hiking is among the top choices of those who enjoy recreational activities. Hiking always makes you sweat, lubricates your joints, increases your stamina and keeps you active all the time. If you are overweight, you should have a try. In case you have perfect body, hiking is a great way to maintain your current healthy weight.

5. Misconception of cardio and weight loss issue

Cardio makes you lose weight and there is no need for strength training

As mentioned above, your body must be challenged in order to reach the weight loss target. Challenge means you should work out harder and should not maintain the same routine or intensity for so long. A combination of cardio workout and strength training is necessary, not only to diversify your exercises but also ensure that you are burning the right amount of calories every day.

HIIT first, then strength training comes afterwards

Someone thinks of combine high intensity cardio exercises and weight lifting in only one day to burn the process, put more effort and lose more weight. SO DANGEROUS!

Both methods require your maximum strength to perform. Working out so hard might leave you with injury, exhaustion, overtraining fatigue and despair might come very soon. Instead of insanely working out, you ought to perform each on separate days and do some LISS exercises. This allows you to burn more calorie in the process.

It is safer to stay in your ‘fat-burning zone’

A fat-burning zone is defined as 65% of your maximum strength. Your body continuously burn fat as fuel during your workout. It is not the fat as fuel to be concern, it is your overall cardio expenditure that determines the result of a fitness day. The higher the intensity of your workout, the more calorie you consume. During your post-exercise, your body still keeps burning calorie up to 24 hours and study revealed that you will shrink your belly fat even faster.

Doing cardio with hunger burns more fat

It is a common belief that you will break fat cell when working out with an empty stomach. However, scientists has proven that when you are hungry, your body uses carb and fat fragments in your bloodstream and muscle rather than fat cells. That is the reason why you should have a light meal or snack 30 minutes before doing exercises. A car can’t be operated properly without petrol, so does your body.

Eating anything you want is the reward to your weight loss success

No matter what cardio exercises that you are enjoying, exercise along is not effective enough to lose weight. A glass of soda might ruin your effort during the whole day. Therefore, don’t forget the ‘calorie-in’ side of your weight loss equation. Following a healthy diet does not just apply to obese people, but to everyone.

Bottom line

It is not until you are overweight that you think of engaging in cardio exercises. These types of exercises are extremely beneficial to your metabolic system and your mental strength, not to mention the long-term benefits that exercises bring to your overall health in the long run.

If you have a plan of losing weight and consume about 2,500 calories at the moment, you can accomplish your fitness goal by either eating less or burning more calories. Then, consider bringing LISS and HITT exercises into your fitness routine. Generally speaking, the combo of these 2 approaches is the most effective way for anyone trying to lose fat.

Besides, there are ton of things to consider than you have ever thought. Are these similar to you: read a beauty magazine, stare at your oversized body in the mirror, dream of having a body of a beach model, determine to lose weight, get up at 5, manage to run 2 rounds around the park, get home with the sweaty mind, and done! As tired as you might be, you forget all about everything in the magazine and get back to the banal daily routine. What I would like to emphasize is the preparation of your mind. Do not think of shaping yourself into a fitness mold is a have-to task, it is more than a task, but a HABIT! The habit of getting early and hit the gym, the habit of eating healthily, the habit of taking care of yourself,… altogether build up an ideal person that you dreamed to be.

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