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Most people these days tend to choose the own home as a place to workout. It has been long time ago since people immediately think of the gym when hearing about building muscle and keeping fit. Truth be told, the fast changing society is pushing more and more people forward, shouldering them with more workload and responsibility with 24 hours a day. Therefore, it is a wise decision to make when choosing a home workout routine in order to stay healthier.

People usually take into consideration the benefits of going to the gym and sweating at home. Putting everything on the scale reveals that there is no mutual answer for the question “should I choose the gym or my home to exercise?”. It is all about your demand and fitness goal which tell you which is the best place to your training.

This article is for readers who have no time to work out at the gym but still eager to have a better shape, to lose weight or to maintain an active lifestyle.

1. Advantages of home workout


Less confusion

As a newbie of gym, you will find a little bit of discomfort with a place filling with machines and bulky men are always around. This feeling is totally vanish when you train yourself at home, with a big mirror and some different-weight dumbbells. Locking the door knob and start sweating in the background of your beloved music with the loud volume you like. You are totally independent to design your own environment that puts you over the moon.

No fee

Do I need to mention this point? On the one hand, it costs a sum of fee when you go to the gym every month, not to mention other supplement costs like mineral water, beverage, towel, etc. On the other hand, you only have to invest money initially for the tools you need at home, and there will be no more cost unless you want to perform more exercises with equipment.

No time limitation

When working out at home, there are no expected interruptions, such as festival, holiday, weekend, equipment maintenance day, etc. These break times can be easily found in every fitness center, not including the limited time frame from 6 am to 9 pm for daily training schedule. Your home gym opens 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 356 days a years. Tada!

Better concentration

Too loud music, too many people, too many chit-chats… are common complaints of people at the gym, especially who are sensitive to the surrounding noise. Less concentration is leading the top reasons of personal injury. Moreover, having an endless talk with your friends at gym will end up with an inefficient training day. At your home, no one is about to step into your personal zone, thus, you will totally focus on your workout program.

2. Common exercises for home workout


As being mentioned above, home workout exercises are suitable for ones who have time shortage and personal issues for the gym. This article is about to suggest some popular exercises, which are not only simple enough for the newbies but also suitable for experienced training individuals. And of course, there are less required equipment (unless you want more) and some exercises allow to you perform wherever you like, for instance on your couch, in front of the TV, in the garden, or even in the bath room. Now, let’s check them out.


This is a great exercise for men to train a multiple muscle groups, which is effortlessly to perform but maximize the movement of the muscle and strengthen shoulder joint. What you need is a spacious area and a plateau surface. First, place your hands shoulder-width apart and keep your body straight from head to heels. Then, lower your chest until it is about an inch from the ground. Drive up and extend your arms.

When you get familiar with the movement, you can increase your reps until you totally tired. For women, it is advisable to do this exercise with your knees on the ground (rather than your toes) which is supposed to bear less pressure on your arms.


Plank exercise requires the press-up position but instead of using your hands, you rest on your forearms. Keep your back straight and stay still in this position until you feel a tense in the area around your abs and glutes. This exercise challenges your durability and it is entirely injure free. You can have a morning plank before breakfast, noon plank after napping or night plank before bedtime. For a couple of month, you can see a “different you”.

Dumbbell standing shoulder press

For the very first time, you need a mirror to carefully observe the movement of your arm and the dumbbell. Stand and hold 2 dumbbells at the shoulder height, keep your elbow in front of the bar. Lift the weights up above your head until your arms are fully extending. This will help to consolidate the strength of your arm muscles, especially the area around your shoulders.

Lateral raise

This is another exercise for your shoulder development and super easy to perform. First, hold the dumbbell each hand and lift out to the side until it reaches your shoulder height. At this stage, both of your hands (and dumbbells) create a straight line. Pause for seconds and lower back to your side.


In order to squat, you hold a dumbbell each hand, straighten your legs and keep them at the shoulder-width. Then, slowly sit back to the squat until the dumbbells is approximately an inch from the door. Remember to keep your knees over your toes at this point. Then, slowly stand straight back to the initial position and gradually repeat your movement until you cannot control the tense of your leg muscles.

Bicep curl

Start holding a dumbbell each hand, keep the upper arms stationary close to your armpit and keep your legs shoulder-width. Slowly curl the weights till the dumbbells are at the shoulder level. Keep your elbows still. This exercise also requires your reflection in the mirror since you have to observe your arm movement. In order to achieve the best result, keep your upper arms stationary and only move the lower area. Then, most pressure is pushed to the bicep to maximize its whole growth.

Cardio workout

Some of the exercises above are at a pretty difficult level for women. Skipping, running up and down the stairs or planking are amongst the most common home exercises for women. Instead of concentrating on how many kilos they can lift, women should focus on the frequency and repetition of their workout: Low intensity but with high reps.

3. Useful advices for home workout


Deciding your purpose of your training at home

Before choosing the most suitable workout exercise, you should clarify your fitness purpose, most people agree to workout at home according to the following reasons, but not limited to:

  • Having no time to the gym but still want to look fit
  • Shedding some pounds after a month
  • Giving up the sedentary lifestyle
  • Building more muscles
  • Doing exercise in the comfortable and convenient atmosphere
  • … (and your own)

Breathing properly

Breathing helps bring oxygen to your brain, signaling that you have prepared for the next movement. Breathing also provides oxygen to the muscle tissues and makes them work more effectively.

For any cardio exercise, wrong breathing method can lead to exhausted state or even faith and vomit. You should always start exercising at a slow pace, then increase the speed as soon as your body gets acquainted with your movement.

For men, inhale when you use your force and exhale to relax. No matter how easy it might seem, the right breathing method requires your time and patience to practice.

Warming up before your training

Before doing any physical activities, you must activate your muscle by warming up for some minutes. Skipping this stage results in unexpected consequences as cramp or injuries as your muscle and joint are not lubricated enough. Making some simple first movement increases blood blow to your whole muscles and gets them active.

Using a device to keep track on your workout

A multifunctional device, like a fitness tracker or workout watch, is becoming more popular among workout doers. You can wear it on your wrist or hook on your clothes. Fitness tracker reveals data of your step count, your burnt calories, your heart rate and even tracks your sleep in terms of the duration and quality of your snoring time. Data are later synced to your smartphone and let’s check out whether you are reaching your daily goal or not.

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