How to keep workout intense?

It has never been a simple task to keep your chin up every single day to strictly follow your workout program. Everyone still struggles with maintaining their own motivation and overcome daily enchanted obstacles. This status quo might be rooted from various reasons, however the state of unplanned workout program and people’s idle lifestyle are amongst the top leading logs that hamper yourself to achieve your personal fitness goal. Staying healthy is a life-long journey, not a destination. That is the moment you realize that every single task you perform regarding your well-being is worth recognized. There will be time when you get stuck in a rut, then retrieving your energy and motivation is an utmost important task.

In this article, there will be some tips that help to enhance your workout intensity in order to reap the most benefits of your personal health goal. They are relative to the aspect of plan designing, break time, diet and friendship during working out.

Design a clear and detailed-oriented plan to intense your muscle

Somehow your target is too general to achieve. Therefore, it is advisable to break down your big goal into smaller pieces of task, then you are likely to achieve smaller accomplishment on a daily basis. This is also one of the most effective tips to maximize your workout outcome thanks to the rule of specification. SMART rule is a great tool to simplify your personal goal, which is based on the principle of SPECIFIC, MEASURABLE, ATTAINABLE, RELEVANT, and TIME SENSITIVE.

Now, you might start with the overall result, for instance, losing 10 kilos or having 6 packs in 6 months. There it is – a 6-month program. Then, a list smaller target of individual month is a must as this will chop down your goal and turn it into more achievable bullets in the list. And then will come your weekly and, more importantly, your daily tasks. With this in mind, your fitness goal is measured by your action with deadline. Fitness experts have recommended that you should deeply concentrate on 1 exercise or a group of muscle at one time. On the contrary, it is harder to intense your muscle if you plan to perform multiple exercises of plenty of muscles.

In order to maximize your strength, you should not plan to maintain your weight for a long period of time. Instead, try to schedule some intense exercises and increase the weight of your quintals after few weeks or a month. This tiny action keeps you away from your comfort zone and creates more challenge after you have reach your weight limit.

How to rest between exercises

If you are a gymer and what you care about is nothing but the weight you lift, then you should re-design your workout schedule. Scientists have proven that the time you rest between your lifting periods are also vital to your overall result. If your rest periods are too long, then your muscle become cooler and you might easily feel exhausted. On the other hand, too short break time does not allow you enough time to recover, especially for the beginners.

The actual goal of an intense workout is to find the appropriate spot between resting too much or too little. That is called, by the way, your optimal rest time.

Having a thoughtful look to your workout program, there are primarily 3 main factors that directly affect your ideal work time, as below:

What intensity range you are working on a specific exercise?

The higher the rep range the intensity, the less rest you need between sets of that exercise and vice versa. For instance, if you are doing 6 reps per set of an exercise, them it requires you to rest more between sets than a 12-rep-per-set exercise.

How demanding that exercise is on your body as a whole?

As a simple principle, the more demanding an exercise is on your body, the more rest you need. More demanding exercises include squats, deadlifts, pull-ups, etc. For other types of exercises, although you focus on bigger group of muscles, you need less time to rest between rep comparing to the demanding exercises on the same group of muscles.

What is your ultimate fitness goal: building muscles, losing fat, increasing strength, etc?

For muscular endurance, a rest of 20-60 seconds between sets. A longer rest time of 1 – 3 minutes is ideal for building muscles or getting toned. Finally, you should consider the rest time between 2 and 5 minutes if you are increasing your strength and maximizing muscular power.

What you intake does matter the level of your intensity

The truth lies behind the fact that, once you engage yourself in a fitness program, you have to revamp your eating habits in order to reap certain success. What you eat before gym depends on when you do exercises and what kind of exercises you are doing. Moreover, if you are planning to work out for an hour or longer, or you take up intense workout program, pre-workout fuel is critical. As your body incessantly requires a great amount of energy during your intense workout, an empty stomach might sooner make you feel fatigue. Try to consume familiar foods which are high in carbs, low in fat and less fiber, for instance oats, egg whites, sweet potatoes, etc. Those nutritious sources will boost your energy without annoying your stomach.

The bigger meal you have, the more time you need to digest. In general, you should fill up your empty at least 30 minutes prior to your workout time. Choose to consume carbs and food that are low in fiber and low in fat to jump start your training. Within 20 minutes of finishing your workout, a light meal of protein-rich snack is ideal to repair your muscle tissue. One more thing, supply yourself with adequate water in order to maintain your body temperature, remove waste from your body and ensure that your joints are adequately lubricated.

Having a gym buddy or joining a fitness group

Do you think having a gym buddy will help you increase your workout intensity?


The answer is a YES if you both set your specific goals, strictly supervise them every day and make any amendments if necessary.  In order to find more about benefit of gym buddy, please visit here:

There are myriads of benefits when you have a gym buddy or working out with others in a group. When you have a gym friend, you will get daily motivation to hit the gym, especially whenever you get bored with your mundane workout routine. Therefore, you will find it easier to get into the habit of exercising consistently and strictly follow what you have planned. Regarding weight lifting or some group exercises, a gym buddy plays a role as a spotter who keeps you away from unexpected injury, especially with some sorts of workout you have never tried before. Varying your exercises not only relieves boredom but also strengthen different muscle groups. In a nutshell, a gym buddy creates a sense of accountability, releases the feeling of boredom and helps you level up your intensity goal.

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