How to make morning workout happen?

If your typical day ends up with the image of yourself lying on the sofa after a hard day at work, work out in the morning is the leading option whenever you want to improve your health. One good news for you, morning workout helps you burn more calories than an afternoon routine as morning people have a tendency to work harder and longer.

Therefore, morning is the right time that allows you to shed some pounds from your oversized abdomen and to make you train harder for a robust appearance. These ideal results just come after hard work, both mentally and physically. Right now, if you are not a morning person, you can set the alarm at 5:00, hit the gym at 5:30, have an enormous breakfast at 7:30 and drive to work. For the first few days, this routine is fine. However, you will return to who you are just after a couple of week. It is not that simple short-term motivation after hearing someone complained about your belly fat and you immediately run to the gym every morning.

First and foremost, you should have a plan, then divide your morning routine into smaller steps and conquer one after one. You can start with an attempt to get up early, not for workout, but for the little things you like. After you are accustomed to this new routine and change it into a daily habit, now it’s time for the next step. In the following parts, more detailed plans are suggested for you, from the night before until you actively leave to bed. Now, grab your notebook and jot down whatever you find interesting!

The nightmare of morning workout

Nightmare does not just happen during your snoring time. Something in your life dissatisfies you, that’s your nightmare. For plenty of people, rolling out of their bed early in the morning is such a herculean task. Do these things sound familiar to you: “I have to stay up late to finish my presentation slides”, “winter is coming, I can feel the cold breeze, so let me in bed for a couple minutes”, and so on? There are tons of reasons why people are not keen on morning workout. How about yours? Stop for a minute and write everything that prevents you from waking up early and doing the exercise. Then, read again and crumble your paper before throwing it into the waste basket because from now on, you have to eliminate those fears and start initiating your day with morning exercises.

Why are we making this so hard? If a man in black appears at exactly 5:00 every morning dare to kill you (let’s take this seriously) unless you leave your bed right away and start working out, will you do that! Of course, you will without any hesitations. You perform his order because you have a strong motivation (in this case, negative motivation) and your brain is awake. Think about this little joke when you want to find a motivation!

Going to bed early is a must!

It seems to be a cliché to tell you the fact that going to sleep earlier will increase the likelihood of your early up the next morning. Staying up late does harms to your overall health. After a hard day at work, you need time to recharge your battery and let the metabolic system perform its own task. It is very harmful if you force yourself to hit the gym after a 4-hour sleep. Sleep deprivation is gradually destroying your well-being, mental state and social relationship. Before you go to bed early, make sure to prepare everything for your morning workout, from food, drink to any necessary tools. By carefully preparing everything the following night, you will not wasting time having a mental fight early in the next morning.

Beneficial outcomes lying behind your morning workout

As per people’s chronobiology, morning is the great time to start activating your muscles and the whole body. 5:00 am is perfect to start your day, whereas at 7:00 is proven to be good for your metabolism. Therefore, some movements around these primetime should be taken into your consideration.

Doing morning exercises might be full of boredom at the first time. That’s the reason why you should engage some of your friends or family members in this fitness circle. This will give you precious moment to consolidate relationship and strengthen your health at the same time. This does not mean that you want to attract so many people in your plan, nor does this mean that you will totally depend on your workout partners. In short, a fitness buddy is a companion, who is willing to accompanying you to the gym, club or park every morning. This friend will boost your workout spirit, or vice versa, you are their motivation. In order to find a perfect workout partner, you can visit here:

Who is suitable to work out in the morning?


Doing exercises is good for everyone. Taking up morning workout will benefit you in 2 sides. Firstly, you are forming a good habit. It’s good since many famous and successful people choose to start their working day very early, and perhaps you are to be the next. Secondly, it is all about exercises. People become active, more oxygen is delivered to your brain, you feel more ready to start your day with a great mood, your health is improving gradually, etc. What’s more that exercises can bring to your life? Make your reasons clear and repeat them whenever you are down in the dump … or lazy.

Actually, people should consider the notion of getting up early is a habit, and a regular habit requires a couple of weeks to be mastered. Personally, everyone should get into this beneficial routine as soon as possible, especially teenagers during their transition period from a childhood to adulthood. Morning workout is also a great choice for office workers, people who want to burn more fat or those who decide to change their lifestyle. No matter what purposes you have, morning workout is worth to be in your to-do-list.

What should you prepare?


Workout plan

If you are beginning to work out, you ought to design a workout routine that most fits you. The exercises can be taken from the internet or you can ask your experienced buddies. Normally, the ideal time span is around haft an hour, it is neither long enough to make you tired nor too short to be less effective.

The exercises you choose are totally based on your fitness goals. You want to build muscle, that’s great, morning workout will help. Or if you want to lose some kilos, you should choose cardio exercises including running, cycling or swimming. You can also become a member of a morning fitness club, or participate in a yoga class. There are so many different approaches, but only one destination.

Wake up plan

Your workout plan turns into nothing if you cannot wake up on time. Thus, remember to winding up your alarm clock is a must unless you want to oversleep. You should set your favorite tone Instead of letting the boring ‘beeps’ tear the dawn. I have a friend who uses 3 or 4 alarm clocks at one time, so there is no way that he wants to stay in bed. However, this trick might be a nuisance if you are sharing a room with many people.

If you already had a workout buddy, there is no need to use these noisy stuff. It is great as you companion can remind you of the exercising time. At the beginning stage, text or call a friend to set up a fitness date. If you decide on a time to meet in the a.m, you’ll feel obligated to go, even if your mind and body tell you otherwise. Needless to say, having an ally to run around the neighbor, play badminton or hit the gym is such a great motivation.

Exercise accessories

Instead of running around to find your fitness stuff, have them prepared in the previous night. Your T-shirt, port shoes, gloves, towel, rackets, etc. should be placed tidily on the table. Your active morning can easily turn into disaster when you spend 15 minutes to find your socks. Therefore, preparing everything the night before only takes a few minutes and helps avoid wasted time frantically searching for the essentials. You should also remind yourself to fully charge any electric gadget if you have, such as a fitness tracker.

Food and drink

Furthermore, it is advisable to prepare your snacks, just the simple things like bread with peanut butter, sliced cheese and crackers, or apples with raw almonds. You should not consume too much food before working out as you need time to digest. It does not mention the fact that you will find it hard to focus on the exercises in the state of being full. In the long run, this habit might cause stomachache and other diseases. On the other hand, working out with an empty stomach is not good for your metabolism and your energy levels. If eating before a workout is not a possible option, you should fill up on breakfast afterward.

Besides your light meals, remember to fill up your water bottle and throw it into the fridge. After waking up, you should award yourself with a cup of mineral water as your body dehydrated during your sleep. A glass of lemon is a great choice to refresh your body inside out! Yay!

Bottom lines

Carefully prepare for your mental and physical encouragement is dispensable whenever you want to achieve anything in your life, morning workout is no exception. In order to fit your fitness target, you should activate your morning workout habit in a different methods, in which there is no room for boredom, tiresome or any sense of burden. Keep your mind motivated and prepare for surprise!

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