Nootropics: How They Help Boost Your Fitness Results

It’s common to pair a supplement with your workout. Whether it’s caffeine, carbs, creatine, Omega-3’s, or whey protein in your morning shake it increases the productiveness of the exercise by aiding in muscle mass, boosting energy levels, or creating more energy for your body to burn. There are hundreds of different supplements out there, some constructive and others ineffective. What many people don’t think to include in their workout routine are supplements called nootropics.

What Are Nootropics?

The term nootropics isn’t very popular within the gym rat community. It’s a broad name that describes supplements that are ingested for its effects on the brain. Typically they stimulate alertness, inflate levels of focus, and boost cognitive functions. They’re also coined as “smart drugs” because of their popularity among the Silicon Valley crowd. Depending on the specific drugs, nootropics can enhance your memory, motivation, learning capabilities, mood, reaction time, creativity, energy, and clarity. Though they’re conceived as drugs for nerds or tech junkies, nootopics can actually help boost your fitness results as well.

Why Your Brain Matters In Fitness

Though what you see on the outside when it comes to fitness results are bigger or leaner muscles, the process all starts within your brain. To get the best results from your exercise routine, your brain has to effectively communicate with the rest of your body. The better condition your brain is in, the quicker your reflexes will react and the greater your endurance will be. Targeting certain neurotransmitters like acetylcholine, will aid in your muscle control and balance.

The Mental Part of Your Workout

Regardless if you’re a competitive athlete or a once a week gym-goer, the mental aspect of your workout needs to be up to par in order to get the most out of your hard work. Certain nootropics are perfect for enhancing this function. Increased motivation, focus, and energy levels are all obtainable by taking nootropic supplements before a workout.

Motivation can be a huge problem to overcome when pushing yourself to get to the gym. Even competitive athletes want to skip a day here and there. When nootropics like Noopept, Modafinil, or Phenylpiracetam cross the blood-brain barrier, they can increase the production and discharge of advantageous neurotransmitters and curb the production and discharge of disparaging neurotransmitters. Phenylpiracetam is similar to Adderall when it comes to the stimulating property while avoiding the crashing sensation. The extra release of dopamine will boost your mood, and increase endurance, motivation, and stamina.

The ability to focus also plays a major role in your workout and therefore your fitness results. Staying concentrated on your short-term goals such as finishing 10 repetitions of this exercise followed by 10 repetitions of the next exercise is important for consistent effort. The stack most highly recommended for short-term focus is Piracetam combined with Alpha GPC. The stack will help you maintain your attention on the task at hand while boosting endurance, stamina, and in turn muscle mass.

Stress levels are confusing when it comes to exercise productivity. You would think that higher stress levels would lead you to workout harder, sweat more, and push your body to greater limits in order to relieve some tension. However, high stress levels can be linked to a shortfall when it comes to focusing. So you may be able to run a couple miles un-phased, but when it comes to a workout routine, odds are you’ll stray from it, or give up altogether. The neurotransmitter called GABA is produced by Glutamate and is known for relieving the feelings of stress and anxiety. The nootropic Aniracetam is good for helping glutamate production therefore creating a surplus of GABA neurotransmitter. Decreasing stress levels leads to increased focus and therefore stronger motivation.


Acetyl-L Carnitine is a nootropic that is most commonly overlapped with fitness users. It’s an amino acid that is already naturally produced within the body that aids in energy function. Because it is a nootropic and its purpose has to do with its impact on the brain, its medical role includes treating Alzheimer’s disease, elderly memory-loss, depression, poor blood circulation to the brain, and other mental disorders and diseases.

Besides these, the supplement is also used as a fat burner and performance enhancer in athletes and those dedicated to fitness results. Acetyl-L-Carnitine has complex functions on the fat cells. In simplistic terms, it allows them to be used as fuel during rest and exercise, though it’s proven that the fat burning is most effective during intense workouts. Studies have shown that by taking this nootropic, people experience fatigue resistance, and improved muscles recovery along with lesser muscle soreness. Because of its speedy fat burning capabilities, those taking the supplement are also able to intake excess carbs without seeing fat gain. It’s recommended to take Acetyl-L-Carnitine with a high protein meal post-workout.

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