Basis Peak review

Entering seamlessly into the world of fitness trackers, is the Basis Peak Ultimate and sleep tracker, which is designed to work optimally in several different modes, like walking, tread milling, swimming a well as sleep. Sleek and couture with smooth exteriors, this wearable is extremely wearable, as it transits easily from fitness hour to the happy hour without screen timeouts. Its high-contrast sensitive touch screen and user-focused display makes it easier to view wrist-notifications on the little dial screen.

Bearing three in-built sensors, namely the accelerometer, heart rate detector, skin temperature tracker, it truly combines the best of two worlds, i.e technology and performance.

Read on the Basis Peak Review to know more.

I. Main features

The Basis Peak is turbocharged with the following features:

  • Automatic switch: The Basis Peak automatically switches to the fitness mode, without the need of button controls, to detect caloric burn during walks, ride as well as runs.
  • In-built optical heart rate sensor: Owing to the presence of an optical heart rate tracker, it can monitor heart rates, throughout the day, night and also during rigorous, aerobic exercises without the need of a chest strap.
  • Sleep Detection: What really sets the Peak apart from other sleep tracking fitness trackers, is that it is insightful enough to analyze the stages of sleep cycle like REM and non-REM, number and length of awakenings as well as restlessness during sleep.
  • Waterproofing Activity: With a waterproof rating of 5 ATM, the Basis can track performance during underwater activities carried out at a depth of 50 ft.
  • Compatibility: Basis Peak supports sync and sharing of fitness stats data via Bluetooth with only select varieties of smart phones like Android BLE phones and newer versions of iPhone.
  • Wrist-notifications: The dial screen features wrist-optimised notifications like call alerts, texts, habit alerts and mails, even while fitness tracking is in progress.

II. Overview

The Basis Peak is one of those rare fitness trackers, which target a holistic approach to fitness, by providing a detailed analysis of the many different facets which make up an individual’s health, like heart rate, temperature, perspiration and sleep patterns. With occasional habit alerts and timely updates of performance, the Peak motivates and inspires people to stay on the move always.

III. Pros & Cons

1/ Pros:

  • The major USP of the Basis Peak, is that it is a comprehensive health tracker, as because it projects details of skin temperature, perspiration, heart rate and caloric burn, not to mention analysis of sleep patterns.
  • The fact that it works suitably for underwater activities also, makes it a one-stop solution for all fitness enthusiasts, as the Basis Peak detects strokes and distance covered during swimming accurately to calculate the net performance.
  • Inclusion of fun-filled features like the habit alerts motivate you to keep going in the face of failures and not laze during those exercise hours.
  • The integrated heart rate sensor monitors heart beat during rest, exercise and sleep, without unnecessary add-ons like a chest strap.
  • The Basis Peak provides you with a timely updating of all things that matter, i.e activity, sleep and performance, without compromising upon access to smartwatch notifications.

2/ Cons:

  • The Basis Peak does face some compatibility issues as it does not connect well with all versions of Android or iPhone. However it is possible to override this problem by simply checking the handset before proceeding to buy this smartwatch.
  • Some bit of firmware is indeed required, before the Basis speak can fully qualify as a waterproofing fitness tracker.

IV. Conclusion

From this Basis Peak review, the creditable features of the Peak are quite evident. As for its flaws, well nothing in this world is built to perfection. However the Basis Peak serves the purpose of a holistic fitness tracker pretty well, as it monitors several health-related aspects such as heart-rate, temperature, perspiration levels and sleep patterns. Its sleek, subtle and comfortable design is a welcome respite from those flashy fitness trackers, as it can be worn everywhere, from workout to the workplace.

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