Fitbit Blaze review

Fitbit is one of the known household names in the world of fitness trackers and it is starting to find its place in the world with its all-new Fitbit blaze. This fitness watch offers tracking that is familiar, but with more advanced features. Fitbit hopes this new fitness tracker ill appeal to gym goers, weekend runners and anyone looking for a more advanced way to keep fit. It is a fitness track that tries to offer robust fitness as well as the functionality of a basic smartwatch. With the first glance, the blaze does not look so attractive, but once you wrap it around your arm, there is so much to love about it.

This Fitbit blaze review will help you understand exactly what that means.

I. Main features

  • It tracks your daily activities: Fitbit blaze tracks steps, calories burned, stairs climbed, your active time, resting time as well as the quality of sleep. It has several sports mode which track a particular exercise using the built-in heart rate monitor.
  • It has a Hi-res color touch screen: The screen offers crispy clear visual readouts that the user is able to see just with a glance even when they are working out. 
  • It features the PurePulse continuous heart rate: This helps you to improve exercises, be consistent on the the intensity and have a better way to monitor calorie burn all without having to put on chest strap which is uncomfortable during activity time.
  • Adjustable straps: The straps of Fitbit blaze fit on almost all wrist sizes from 6.7-inch to 8.1-inch circumference.
  • Allows you to check on your goals as well as compete with family and friends: It allows you to sync stats automatically and wirelessly to your laptop or computer and up to 200+ leading smartphones including widows, iPhone and android devices.
  • Sweat and water resistant: The durable and flexible wristbands and a frame that is made of surgical grade stainless steel offers a durability and comfort for an active lifestyle.
  • Multi-tracker support: Fitbit blaze can be connected to one account with other trackers and it can instantly notice when you change between them. It allows you to wear your choice of tracker without having to miss any stat. 
  • Smart notifications: With Fitbit blaze, you will receive your texts, calls and calendar events event since it displays them on the screen. 

II. Overview

Fitbit Blaze is a fitness tracker with smartwatch features that allow you to improve your workout performance every day. It offers advanced technology. Blaze is a revolutionized device with which you can track your workout, and gauge your progress. The Multisport modes work to enhance your everyday exercise. The next-generation features such as FitStar take your workout experience a notch higher. It tracks all day activities such as sleep, calls, text and calendar notifications, helping you get along with your day with ease. 

For those who wish to doll up their devices can do so by taking advantage of the numerous customization options that blaze has to offer. The straps and frames are also interchangeable and you can choose from classic “Luxe leather” and Luxe metal” for the straps and a variety of digital watch faces and cases for the frames. 

When it comes to the battery life of Fitbit blaze, it offers five days of battery life from a single charge with moderate use. By moderate here it means tracking your daily morning run, checking time and incoming alerts throughout the day-with the screen brightness in its middle settings. The only thing that most people don’t like about the battery is that it can only be charged using a proprietary dock. 

III. Pros & Cons

1/ Pros:

  • The color screen is a nice touch which I convenient for the user. The screen is also large with easy to read display.
  • It has a nice gorilla glass that does not scratch easily.
  • It gives an accurate heart rate without the need of a chest strap.
  • It is an auto activity and sleep tracker without the need to manually start an activity.
  • The battery life is good since it can last for days.
  • It has reliable exercise tracking form cycling, jogging or running.
  • It has multiple strap options as well as frames to give the user the ability to customize the device to their preferred taste. 

2/ Cons:

  • It does not have a dedicated inbuilt GPS. You have to carry your smartphone with you for it to pair if you need accurate location and distance data.
  • It is not totally waterproof. It can survive running in the rain, accidental splash and sweat, but it is not recommended for use while in the shower or whilst swimming.

IV. Conclusion

As can be concluded from the Fitbit blaze review,  Fitbit blaze is a fitness tracker that is a decent all-rounder and one of the best trackers that the company has produced to date. It is perfect for casual users, which has smartwatch functions bolted on. It is one that can be recommended for beginners due to its size, diversity and user friendly stats as well as the strong apps. 

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