Fitbit Charge HR Wireless review

Fitbit Charge HR Wireless is one of the latest fitness trackers series of Fitbit and was introduced to users in early spring this year. Soon after that, Fitbit Charge HR Wireless turned to be one of the most welcomed trackers in the market. Not only it provides all of needed functions for serious users, its friendly usage offers a wide range of options and supports for starters.

I. Main features

  • Calories counter.
  • OLED screen showing time, your calls and your stats.
  • Non-stop heart rate monitoring.
  • Steps and Walking/Running Distance tracker.
  • Activity time (using minutes) and intensity.
  • Auto tracking sleep quality and duration.
  • Silent alarm, it can give you some small buzz in the morning that does not come with loud noises. This is extremely helpful when you have a partner, children or a pet sleeping with you.

II. Overview

Just like many other trackers of Fitbit, Fitbit Charge HR Wireless users have their own ID Call and account and can sync their stats to other devices such as laptop, phones. Especially in 2015, Fitbit gives users a chance to challenge other users in an online chart. There are several activities and communities that you can join: stairs climbing, local walking, running, etc.

The Heart rate monitoring tracks your heart beat not only when you are exercising but also when you are resting. Your heart beat also has different rate accordingly to your training state (fat burning, cardio or peak). This gives and idea of how much and how long you should train to maximize your benefits. This function is automatically active for all the time. With its data you can have an overview of your working out progress. After a while of following your schedule, you should be able to see how your health stats have changed in daily life, even without exercising. This can come as a mental boost and achievement as well as the truest proof that you have become much healthier.

III. Pros & Cons

1/ Pros:

  • Vibrating alarms gives you a nice and silent morning. No more irritating noises.
  • Wireless syncing comes with integration with many mobile apps.
  • 24/7 heart rate tracking.

2/ Cons:

  • While Fitbit Charge HR Wireless is well supported on iOS, Android and Windows Phone, it is not supported on Windows XP.
  • Battery lasts shorter than Fitbit Charge.

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