Garmin Forerunner 610 review

Garmin Forerunner 610 has achieved the reputation of being a high-level sports watch.¬†Garmin’s latest innovation is the Forerunner 610, which combines the best of sports technology along with convenient operation into a single, irresistible smartwatch. One feature of it that has garnered tremendous applause, is the presence of a resistive touch screen, which is surprisingly responsive, without being overtly sensitive. With a decent screen panel, yet optimum viewing angles and a high resolution backlight, it is ideal for everyday wear, as it does not overpower your wrist like bulky smartwatches. As a fitness tracker, it prides itself in being GPS-enabled, along with functions of detailed monitoring and analysis of fitness data.

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I. Main features

  • Design: Garmin Forerunner 610 features a smooth, functional, resistive touch screen, that can withstand wear and tear as well as the effects of time.
  • Performance: The ability to monitor all-round fitness stats, such as distance covered, steps count, caloric burn as well as average heart rates, qualifies it as a comprehensive fitness tracker.
  • Apps: Forerunner 610, by supporting the Garmin connect app, makes it possible to share and upload workout stats onto the live Garmin community.
  • Customized features: Users can optimize and time vibration alerts to beep, whenever pre-set caloric burn count or the target heart rate zone has reached.

II. Overview

The Forerunner 610 is the ideal watch for people who wish to attain the maximum benefits of a sports watch. With efficient GPS positioning, customized vibration alerts and comprehensive monitoring of fitness, you can bank on it to support you all throughout your workout sessions. Its pretty face shields a tough, water-proof interior, that is capable of standing up to dust and wear and tear.

III. Pros & Cons

1/ Pros:

  • The highlight feature of the Garmin Forerunner 610 is, its rugged touch screen, held within the brazen black borders. The screen is resistant to great many shocks, and can be operated with gloves on as well.
  • Training tools such as Virtual Racer enable you to take up workout challenges and upload it on the Garmin community via the Garmin Connect app. Every app encourages you, while every loss motivates to strive harder than before.
  • Garmin Forerunner 610 sends out vibration alerts, to notify you when fitness goals or the target heart zone has been reached. You can customize this feature further to inform you of the time, caloric burn and cadence without having to push buttons.
  • With its accurate GPS positioning, you can travel all the way back to your starting point, at the end of a run. With the guarantee of an efficient GPS system, you also chalk out new routes to explore, with the assurance of returning back home every time.

2/ Cons:

  • Garmin sure needs to improve the waterproofing feature of its 610, since the latter may withstand rains and shower all right, but falters in functionality, inside the pool.
  • Apps tend to hang up at times without no reason.

IV. Conclusion

What may be successfully concluded from the Garmin Forerunner 610 review, is that the Forerunner 610 is an advanced smartwatch, optimized to deliver the maximum benefits, that can be expected from a fitness tracker. Behind that sleek, charming exterior, is a smartwatch that works as hard as you do during workouts. The Forerunner 610 maps distance, pace, heart, rate and caloric burn and much more, with superior accuracy. It can efficiently guide you to the starting point of run and gives you the freedom to invent new jogging routes. All in all, it is a technological marvel in true sense of the term.

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