Garmin Vivoactive review

Garmin Vivoactive combines the best of two worlds: style & substance. With the advent of the Vivosmart, Garmin has surely stepped up its fitness game. Its interesting color screen, sleek finish along with wrist-supported notifications, make it a suitable everyday timepiece. Vivoactive has been designed to include optimum features of both a smartwatch and a fitness tracker, thus negating the need to opt for two different timepieces. As a fitness tracker, it monitors everything, right from daily workout sessions, to sleep.

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I. Main features

  • Design: Vivoactive features a stylish design, with colorful touch screen, a far cry from the monotony of standard smartwatches.
  • Performance: It can mete out daily fitness tracking as well as all-day tracking. It incorporates sleep tracking functions too.
  • Apps: Vivoactive hosts quite a huge array of apps and widgets, which are innovative and user-optimized. Garmin Connect, My FitnessPal and the Connecf IQ, are few apps which enhance user experience.
  • Compatibility: Vivoactive can be easily paired to compatible smartphones, in order to sync and transfer notifications from the latter.

II. Overview

The Garmin Vivoactive plays the part of both the smartwatch, as well as fitness tracker with due diligence. It monitors all your daily activities and presents them in the form of summary, that can be saved, analyzed or even shared. Presence of GPS helps to track pace, distance and direction and is of special help, whenever you go jogging or cycling. Vivoactive delivers the notifications from your smartphone automatically and allows you to stay aware of the outside world, even during a busy exercise schedule.

III. Pros & Cons

1/ Pros:

  • Garmin Vivoactive features a lightweight, trendy design, which makes it suitable for everyday use. You can opt from attractive color choices as well as leather wrist bands, to suit your tastes.
  • With the watch’s Connect IQ app, you can customize your tracker to contain certain apps, widgets and colorful clock faces, of your choice.
  • Vivoactive efficiently relays all the notifications from your smartphone, so that you stay in touch with your near and dear ones even during lengthy activities.
  • With its waterproofing feature, you can wear it in the shower, in the pool or in the rain, without fearing liquid damage.
  • The Garmin Connect app allows you to share your fitness information with like-mined people on an online forum. It also summarizes your daily activities, resulting from food logging, sleep tracking and measurement of exercise durations.

2/ Cons:

  • Vivosmart does have a dim, low resolution screen display, which somewhat decreases its utility under low lighting conditions. However when proper lighting is restored, it is back to being the user-friendly tracker that it is.
  • It lacks an integrated heart rate detector.

IV. Conclusion

From the Garmin Vivoactive review, it may be possible to conclude that the Vivoactive is indeed a stylish and sleek GPS-equipped smartwatch, which does the job of tracking your daily fitness and workout sessions pretty well. Its wide range of compatibility with smartphones, detailed activity monitoring, sleep tracking as well as in-built GPS make it suitable for everyday use. With a lightweight, user-customizable design, it can be worn throughout rigorous exercise sessions, without any discomfort. All in all, it is a good option of wearable for long-term use.

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