Garmin Vivofit 2 review

The Garmin Vivofit 2 is a state-of-art workout wearable and the only fitness tracker which provides backlit display along with a one-year long battery life. Sporting a comfortable yet minimalist design, it hosts a plethora of fitness tracking from heart-rate sensing to sleep monitoring. The Vivofit 2 Bundle is meant for the doer, as it constantly encourages you to move on, with its audible alerts.

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I. Main features

  • Battery life: The Garmin Vivofit boasts of a long battery life and claims to survive for a year long on single charge.
  • Performance: Vivofit 2 Bundle monitors fitness activity to the core, with detailed display of steps count, distance covered and length of workouts. The backlit display illuminates the watch screen, allowing users to view workout stats even in the dark. Vivofit 2 also monitors rest throughout a night’s sleep.
  • Automatic sync: One of the most desirable features of the Vivofit 2 Bundle is its ability to pair up with your compatible smartphone and sync your fitness data automatically, in between intervals of training.
  • Apps: Apart from the general Garmin connect by which Vivofit 2 syncs to save and share progress, it also features audible alerts that encourage you to stay more active and not take lengthy rests between workouts.
  • Heart-rate detection: Garmin Vivofit 2 Bundle is a picture of perfection, as it also includes an in-built sensor, which monitors heart rate and average heart beat during those rigorous sessions of physical activity.
  • Waterproofing activity: Owing to a waterproofing rating of 5 ATM, the Vivofit 2 Bundle is apt for usage in the showed and till a depth of 50 ft below water level.

II. Overview

The Vivofit 2 is a workout watch that not only measures fitness but also proposes personalized goals everyday as a motivational move. Added to this, is the screen backlit, a long battery life of a year and automatic sync properties, which allow this device to function in all aspects of health and fitness pretty well.

III. Pros & Cons

1/ Pros:

  • Apart from fitness tracking, the Vivofit 2 also plans and proposes some fitness goals to help you kickstart your workout sessions everyday.
  • Thoughout the day, without fail, it syncs your fitness progress data automatically with Garmin Connect app, which allows you to access an online community of fitness buffs and share some tips and tricks with like-minded people. You can also take up online challenges and post your achievements to get virtual badges into return. This keeps you motivated all-round.
  • Vivofit 2 lends detailed caloric analysis by its activity timer which records timed activities like walking and running as well as a heart rate monitor which records heart rate during cardio classes to achieve a more accurate information on caloric burn.
  • The backlit display of the dial screen allows you to save, share or even plan your progress data in all kinds of lighting conditions, be it in bright sunlight, dim lights or the dark.
  • Instead of being simply swear-proof and splash-proof, the Vivofit 2 Bundle is completely waterproof and can be used to monitor performance during underwater sports too.
  • You can easily rely on its battery to last you for at least a year without charging.

2/ Cons:

  • Compatibility is a bit of an issue with this particular wearable, as it does not pair up with older versions of Android and Windows phones.
  • Display features of the apps need improved user-defined optimization as they are quite cluttered.

IV. Conclusion

From the Garmin Vivofit 2 review, it is clear that the Garmin Vivofit 2 no doubt presents an exhaustive array of features at its given price. With innovative features like a move bar, audible alerts as well as heart-rate sensor, it serves the purpose of fitness tracking along with providing motivation to keep working out. It is truly a good bargain for people on the lookout for user-friendly features in an activity tracker.

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