Garmin vivosmart HR Review

This Garmin vivosmart HR review shows how far Garmin has gone to make your fitness journey more entertaining. It has an inbuilt heart rate monitor. It also has other trackers, such as distance, calorie, heart, step and sleep. It has the capability to show smartphone notifications, making it both a smart watch and tracker. It gives the freedom to workout with no additional heart rate strap required. It provides information on the calories burned and also gives the quantity if your fitness activities.

You are able to get better credit for the efforts you put in your workout. It goes a step ahead to remind you when you have been inactive for long with a vibration alert. You have a choice to reset the timer. The device can connect to the Garmin account which is a free online community where you can join fitness challenges, save, plan and share your challenges. The gadget is also touchscreen. It offers the chance for you to swim or even shower in it as it is waterproof to 50 feet. 

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I. Main features

  • Excellent tracking: Vivosmart HR tracks steps, calories, floors climbed, distance and sleep. A good thing to note is on sleep tracking. It is able to monitor deep and light sleep and the number of times you wake up every night. For set up, tell the device the time you go to sleep and the time you wake up. These are guidelines to the tracker. It assumes you are asleep when it senses no movement in that period. It silences the vibration alerts to avoid any phone activity that can wake you. 
  • Activity tracking and performance: the elevate optical heat rate monitor that is embedded in the wristband monitors your pulse in a continuous manner. It is able to learn your average heart rate over time. The heart rate monitor is on when you are working out as well.
  • Easy swipe: you are able to swipe through time, calories, heart rate, as well as clock screens. You can also swipe to a page and leave it there if you want to see a specific metric while training.
  • Smart apps: you have the option to save or discard any tracking records that have been made. It makes it easy to filter out activities that were interrupted or those you do not like. It is able to organize sections into sleep, steps, calories, workouts and other personal record.
  • Screen display: the screen has an LCD display that makes it easy to read information and alerts easily. You can do so even when you are under the makes it easy to receive texts, calls, emails and media alerts.

II. Overview

Garmin vivosmart HR Activity Tracker has been able to put together many features such as the smartphone notifications, water-resistance, and ability to customize. It is a comprehensive tracker. Daily activities are well tracked. It easily switches to beast mode for workout tracking. The smartphone notification are not limited to texts and calls only. You can do so much more even on your social media accounts. 

III. Pros & Cons

1/ Pros:

  • The display is simple and easy. You are able to read and view details on the gadget even in bright light.
  • The innovative feature of vibration alerts when you remain inactive for long periods. It urges to keep you going for more fitness.
  • Garmin vivosmart HR Activity Tracker is water resistant. You can have it on while in the shower. It is difficult for it to get damaged by liquid spills.
  • It also plays the role of a smart watch, you can sync and connect to your smartphone notifications. You stay connected to the outside world while working out. They are also discrete and comprehensive and you can even scroll to see full messages.
  • The heart rate monitor is very accurate and it adjusts very quickly to give a real-time reading of your heart rate. It also keeps running even when working out. You do not have to stop for you to have your readings.
  • The Garmin connect app allows you to share your progress with other people in the Garmin community. You are also able to get information about your health such as weight, and much more that has to do with fitness.

2/ Cons:

  • The Garmin connect app is confusing and difficult to navigate, especially if you are looking for something specific.
  • There is no option to filter the notifications that stream from your phone or wrist. You may end up having so many notifications that are not that necessary.

IV. Conclusion

Garmin vivosmart HR review shows that Garmin has gone an extra mile for you to enjoy fitness as well as connect to the outside world. The Garmin connect app is an only an added advantage for you to enjoy your fitness journey and keep track of your health. Generally, vivosmart is able to enjoy your smartphone life and go on with your fitness activities. 

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