Garmin Vivosmart review

Among the many companies aiming to bridge the gap between activity trackers and smartwatches, Garmin has finally come up with an answer, the Garmin Vivosmart wristband. The Vivosmart plays the part of smartwatch and fitness tracker pretty well, as it monitors performance and caloric burn during movement, while delivering your smartphone notifications via its high-contrast OLED wrist display. Unlike its more flamboyant rivals, the Vivosmart flaunts an understated, black finish that looks chic nevertheless.

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I. Main features

The Basis Peak is turbocharged with the following features:

  • Screen display: The discreet OLED display of the screen is where the Vivosmart really shines. With a 128 x 16 resolution screen display and a bright OLED light, it is easy to view in sharp sunlight and also indoors. Controls are easy with fluid, swiping gestures.
  • Super fast notifications: Vivo smart connects to the Bluetooth 4.0 compatible smart phones, and offers wrist-supported notifications like email, message, Facebook and Twitter, to the user. Its superfast accuracy allows it to detect incoming messages even before the smartphone can buzz.
  • Activity tracking & Performance: Vivosmart accurately counts the number of steps traveled and translates them to measure caloric burn. It features an innovative ‘time to move’ reminder which monitors periods of inactivity and lets out alerts every hour to encourage physical exercise.
  • Apps: The apps are the game-changer of this smartwatch, as they provide a more detailed way to keep records of daily workouts. The Garmin Connect app syncs fitness stats and organizes it into sections like steps, calories, weight, badges, sleep, workouts and personal records. It also populates data on the Garmin community page of activity trackers, that allows users to compete while exercising.
  • Battery Life: Garmin Vivosmart can go strong for an entire year on a single charge.

II. Overview

The Vivosmart accurately and easily tracks steps, distance covered and caloric burn without compromising on its smartphone connectivity. It is no doubt an intelligent tracker owing to its smartphone integration, as it displays all sorts of notifications on its OLED display screen. The presences of apps like Garmin Connect keep users well-connected to other fitness enthusiasts of the Garmin community.

III. Pros & Cons

1/ Pros:

  • The Vivosmart provides accurate measurement of step counts and distance covered, it is extremely convenient for monitoring daily activity and workouts.
  • Its water-resistant exterior allows you to use it in the shower too, and conditions the system against liquid damage.
  • As a smartwatch, it connects and syncs with your smartphone notifications, allowing you to stay in touch with the outer world during your gymming hours. Also you can transfer daily fitness stats to your phone or computer.
  • ¬†Incorporated Apps like Garmin Connect churn up detailed measurements of overall health, like weight, BMR, caloric burn, step count and sleep. Not only that, it allows you to share your data with others of the Garmin community.
  • Innovative features such as the ‘time to move’ reminder alerts you against long periods of inactivity and urges you to keep going.
  • The high battery life of a year and presence of a bright, sunlight-proof OLED screen makes it a solid device, that can be used everywhere.

2/ Cons:

  • The Vivosmart is almost near perfection, save for minor superficial flaws, like its band, which is clumsy and slightly difficult to fasten, although with daily practice, this issue can be dealt with.
  • The app designs are bland, although customised enough to respond to individual fitness data. Still, they could do with some screen adornments.

IV. Conclusion

The Garmin Vivosmart review proves that the Vivosmart merges accurate fitness tracking with wrist-enabled notifications from your smartphone, in a minimalist, contoured design. The presences of user-optimized apps only serve to enhance fitness experience by monitoring and analyzing various health-related facets. Overall, Vivosmart is bound to improve your relationship with your smartphone and make life easier for you.

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