Mio Alpha 2 review

With more and more people starting to understand the importance of cardio exercises and fitness of the heart, the need for heart-rate monitoring has surmounted into a much-coveted feature in high-end fitness trackers. To keep up with this upcoming trend, a new workout wearable, Mio Alpha 2 has gained entry to the world of activity trackers. With a domed, sporty design and smooth LCD display, Alpha 2 boasts of a heart-rate detector that is as accurate as chest straps and indicates different heart beat zones with a selected display of bright colours. Read on the Mio Alpha 2 review to know more. 

I. Main features

  • Screen Backlight: Along with its front LCD display, the wristband also supports a backlight that illuminates the dial in a soft, bluish glow, upon a simple double-tap.
  • Waterproofing activity: It brags of water-resistant features, owing to its waterproofing rating of ATM, which monitors your performance when you dive, up to 30 feet underwater.
  • Optical Heart-rate detector: This is petty much the defining feature of Alpha 2, as it can carry out continuous monitoring of heart rate during workouts. It also provides an at-a-glance view of heart rate zones, depending upon intensity of workouts.
  • Apps: Alpha 2 support the Mio Go app which can sync with both Android and iOS via Bluetooth connectivity and lists the entire workout period, average heart beat and peak heart rate zones.
  • Performance: The Alpha 2 tracks pace and speed with its in-built accelerometer and does the job of heart rate tracking consistently, without compromising on accuracy.

II. Overview

The Mio Alpha 2 is a boon to those on the lookout for a smart and comfortable, wearable, which includes accurate features of heart-rate detection. Supposed to be as functional as chest straps, this one can detect heart-rates at a continuous pace till the end of workout hours and give details on heart zones via attractive colour codes, that convenient to view as well.

III. Pros & Cons

1/ Pros:

  • Mio Alpha 2 is the best deal for people who wish to monitor their fitness performance in terms of cardio health, as it provides in-depth details of average heart rate, frequency of various heart zones recorded during workouts, all through helpful colour-coded indicators.
  • Its waterproofing activity makes it resilient to liquid damage and allows it usage during showering or underwater activities.
  • Presence of an integrated accelerometer enables detection of speed, pace and performance during different events like cycling and running.
  • The screen backlight and LCD display allows easy viewing in bright sunlight as well as shady indoors.

2/ Cons:

  • The Mio Alpha 2 lags behind its counterpart in the fact that it is wholly dedicated to heart-rate detection only, this decreases its overall functionality in monitoring of daily workouts and sleep.
  • Apps are a little less detailed, although they are uncluttered and provide to-the-point details to the user.

IV. Conclusion

So from the Mio Alpha 2 review, it may be concluded that the Alpha 2 delivers what it promises. It measures heart-rate to the finesse and other vital fitness stats like speed and pace of performance. Overall it comes in an easy-to-wear design that encloses only those features that appeal to fitness freaks.

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