Mio FUSE review

The Mio Fuse workout watch combines classic looks with modern abilities, as it takes design cues from the ancient sports watches, while flaunting desirable features of activity tracking, movement detection and heart beat measurement. Its durable and rugged exterior, matches its lightening speed detection of bodily stats and enthralls all,as it records fitness in all sorts of activities seamlessly. Keep reading the Mio Fuse review for more details! 

I. Main features

  • Design: Sporting a rugged, non-nonsense design, the Fuse is a welcome change from its boring predecessors.
  • Performance: The major headline feature of the Fuse is heart rate monitoring, although it does enough justice to daily fitness tracking.
  • Apps: The Mio Go app features numerous options which allow viewers to track their workout history of the past seven days, and analysis progress. It also compartmentalizes day-to-day activity data into categories like heart beat, speed, pace and of course caloric burn.
  • Optical Heart rate sensor & 3-axis accelerator meter: The Fuse is packed with an optical sensor which uses lights to flash against the skin and detect blood volume, which it converts into beats per minute. The accelerator meter detects motion and is sensitive to switches in activity, especially during gym time.
  • Battery life: The Fuse claims to have a battery life of seven days in the training mode and sure lives up to its promise.

II. Overview

With its silicone bands and watch-style grasp, the Mio Fuse watch exudes a certain elegance in its exterior. Although this workout watch does lay greater emphasis over heart-rate monitoring over anything else, it can be used aptly for recording daily fitness activities, as includes all the generalized features of a workout wearable. The presence of a big vertical display, wireless syncing and the vibrant Mio Fuse Go app, certainly qualifies the Mio Fuse as more than just average.

III. Pros & Cons

1/ Pros:

  • The in-built optical heart rate sensor monitors heart beat as accurately as the chest strap and can be used optimally for rigorous cardio sessions.
  • The Fuse entails broad compatibility with various versions of Android and iOS, as well as the existing bike watches and the GPS watches, allowing you to sync up your fitness data with immense ease.
  • The Mio Go app allows you to carry out detailed viewing as well as analysis of workout history and also sections your activity data into categories like average heart beat, distance covered, and the most frequent zone of heart-rate.
  • Presence of other third party fitness applications means that you have greater variation in tools available for measurement of fitness data.

2/ Cons:

  • The Mio Fuse certainly showcases a bulky design, which makes it heavy to wear, especially for beginners. However its big screen display enhances user experience.
  • As a way of innovation, the makers of this watch have added too many third-party cluttered apps, which can be quite confusing to operate.

IV. Conclusion

The overall verdict from this Mio Fuse review may be considered largely positive, as this activity tracker is currently one of the most accurate heart-rate detecting trackers in the market. The rugged, straightforward design and chunky display make it fun to sport in all kinds of events. Also considerable improvisation has been done to optimize apps and make them more comprehensive to provide users with their workout history and allow for a more careful analysis of fitness progress. Thus the Mio Fuse is no doubt one step ahead from its predecessors, in both innovation as well as technology.

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