Motorola Moto 360 2nd review

If there is a smartwatch you want to purchase for your fitness activity, well this one is perfect for you. Do you need an accessible device, but not your phone, to track your time while doing push ups and abs? Motorola Moto 360 2nd is a great choice for men who want to wear a black sport smartwatch to make their workout easier.

This is the moment when you will choose to stay away from your phone, but not from your messages, your social media and your notifications. When you choose this smartwatch, you will definitely know why and you won’t regret it. Just read the Motorola Moto 360 2nd review and you will find out why it is suitable for you.

I. Main features

  • High-quality: You will have this smartwatch for a long time, because the leather is very good and it was created to last for a long time.
  • Water resistance: You don’t have to wear it while swimming, but it withstands the immersion of water for up to 30 minutes.
  • Battery life: The men’s 42mm has a 300 mAh, so the battery will function between 1.5 days of mixed use with Ambient off.
  • Compatibility: Works with both Android and iPhone, so requires a phone with Android 4.3+ or iPhone5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus with iOS 8.2+.
  • Sensors: Accelerometer, ambient light sensor, gyroscope, vibration engine and optical heart rate monitor.
  • Design: It was created for sport use, as a fitness tracker, with an elegant design, classic edge-to-edge glass and a thin bezel.

II. Overview

Motorola Moto 360 2nd is an amazing smartwatch which works pretty accurate. Many customers who bought it, said that they still use the smartwatch after almost one year of daily use and it still works perfectly. The features of the watch are really simple to use. You just have to swipe right to dismiss a notification and swipe up or down to see new notifications.

The display is crisp and the letter look very good. You will be able to check your messages, the weather, check your heart rate, receive notifications from people calling, receive live Google map directions and check your social media notifications. This smartwatch also provides a long battery life which will help you when you don’t have time to recharge it. This is an amazing device that you should not miss and purchase it at a great price, and if you pay attention, you may buy it at a discounted price.

III. Pros & Cons

1/ Pros:

  • You can check for any notifications.
  • It is available for an affordable price. 
  • Compatible with many devices.
  • Long battery life.
  • Bands are designed to be swapped in seconds.
  • Easy and simple to wear.
  • The tracker is very easy to use.

2/ Cons:

  • The glass face stretches easily, but it can be covered by a protector.
  • It lacks the features to support 3rd party apps.

IV. Conclusion

As you can see from the Motorola Moto 360 2nd review, it is the perfect smartwatch for tracking all your activities, from jogging, workout, steps, to your messages, e-mails and other social media notifications. It is an amazing tracker designed for elegant people who like to do sports and be active all the time. You can buy it at an affordable and accessible price and when you receive it, you will never take it off from your hand! So, don’t miss the chance to purchase an incredible tracker.

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