Pebble Time Round review

Are you a fitness lover, but there is a thing missing? When you workout, there is something innovating that you need to track your exercises and also your breaks? Then Pebble Time Round is perfect for you! It’s a smartwatch very easy to read for everyone and most of all you won’t even feel its weight, because it is very light.

With its 28 grams weight and 7.5 mm thin, Pebble Time Round may be the lightest smartwatch in the world! And it’s not called smart for nothing. You can have silent alarms, timeline calendar alerts and notifications. Just read the Pebble Time Round review and you will find out why it is suitable for you.

I. Main features

  • Compatibility: It is a smartwatch for Apple/Android devices. Pebble Time Round works with Android phones OS 4.3 and up and also iPhones running IOS 8 and up.
  • Battery Life: Battery provides power for up to 2 days and you can recharge it fast. 14MM Quick-change bands and downloadable watch faces and apps for easy personalization.
  • Helpful Notifications: Pebble Time Round won’t let you forget about the important things. You can see the past and upcoming events, get reminders and text messages, and even incoming calls, with just a simple glance.
  • Activity Tracker: This smartwatch automatically tracks steps and sleep, with daily stats that appear on your timeline.
  • Easy to Wear: Pebble Time Round offers a very easy to wear smartwatch, light and thin, splash resistant and very comfortable.

II. Overview

If you are considering this watch, it’s firstly because of its size and how it looks. Pebble really listens to its customers and have updated the OS several times, adding features like replying to text with personalized messages, Pebble health and many other faces and apps. It is light and unobtrusive you will never know it is smart. It’s a seamless addition to a smartphone.

It can also control your music, Google slides, PowerPoint, Keynote and computer video player. You can check your calendar very quickly, call the Uber, the voice recognition is great and it makes responding to texts quick and easy if you don’t want to grab your phone.

Pebble Time Round has a durable battery, two days, and you can charge it in just 15 minutes. You don’t have to look at it when you workout, you just do your exercises and Pebble tells you when you have to take a break. So, it is a high-quality device, also accessible for you even if you are not a tech person.

III. Pros & Cons

1/ Pros:

  • Easy to use.
  • Long-life battery. 
  • Affordable price.
  • Detects your activities automatically.
  • Light and thin.

2/ Cons:

  • It’s not touch screen.
  • It can sometimes get condensation under the watch face.

IV. Conclusion

As you can see from the Pebble Time Round review, it is a wonderful watch, affordable, easy to wear and it has a sleek look. So it’s not just good-looking, but also a high-quality gadget. It is a very good product for what you pay, a fun little gadget which you should purchase, not just for fitness activities, but also for all kind of other stuff. It does a little bit of everything and the best feature is the weight, because Pebble Time Round is very light and thin, small enough so you won’t feel like wearing a computer on your hand. Pebble Time Round is the perfect choice if you want a great smartphone with a great price.

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