Polar A300 review

Polar A300 is an honest, unpretentious and accurate fitness tracker which delivers what it promises. Polar, is certainly no stranger to the world of fitness tracking, and with its brand new A300, it has reinvented the applications of fitness trackers, which were earlier used as a smartwatch only. The A300 is specialized enough to act as a regular watch, replete with time and date display as well as wake-up alarms. Thus it is the ideal wrist companion for all your purposes.

As a fitness tracker, it has the ability to measure step count, distance covered, caloric burn, all in a single waterproof band that carries a superlong life of battery. The beauty of the A300 is that its basics are just right, something that is quite missing in even those sophisticated workout gadgets. It lacks a heart rate monitor all right, but then nothing in this world is perfect. At a reasonable price and youthful design, it it ideally suitable for casual youngsters who love to be on the move always.

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I. Main features

  • Design: The A300 flaunts a squarish body and comes in diverse colour choices of pink, blue, white, gray and yellow.
  • Performance: A300 not only monitors performance during exercise accurately but also stores sixty hours of workout history, which includes a summary of each workout session, comprising of parameters like percentage of burnt fat, caloric burn, distance in miles and steps taken.
  • Battery: A300 can work continuously for about four weeks on a single charge.
  • Sleep Tracking: A300 automatically senses when you fall asleep and monitors the total duration of time slept. It showcases this information by breaking the duration into two time periods, restful sleep and restless sleep.
  • Waterproofing rating: Having a waterproof rating of 3 ATM, the A300 withstands pressure up to a depth of 30 feet.

II. Overview

The Polar A300 surely succeeds as a regular fitness tracker, its display bright and inviting, fitness monitoring always accurate, it allows you to track a great deal of specific activities and delves deeper into the fitness data that it records. Individuals who tend to slack of from exercises at times and wish for some more motivation will surely love the Polar A300, as this device includes some innovative features to push them to the next level and stay on the move everyday.

III. Pros & Cons

1/ Pros:

  • The A300 features a brilliant blue backlight, which allows you to read the display notifications under all kinds of lighting conditions, be it pitch-dark, shade or bright sunlight.
  • A300 being water-resistant till a depth of thirty metres, you can easily wear it while you swim, shower or even jog in the rain.
  • A300 stands out as a regular watch too, as it informs you about the date, time and allows you to set up wake-up alarms. Its versatile colour options of wristbands make it fit for any kind of occasion.
  • The A300 promises four continuous weeks of battery life, which is par excellence, as compared to its competitors.
  • All in all, you can expect the A300 to monitor various kinds of daily activities, like sleep, outdoor exercise, gymming, swimming and pilates.

2/ Cons:

  • Absence of heart rate sensor, slightly diminishes it price value, as compared to is rivals, yet other user-friendly features make up for it.
  • It comes across as bulky, when used for prolonged periods of time.

IV. Conclusion

By this Polar A300 review, it may be successfully concluded that the Polar A300 is a watch-style fitness tracking, which performs the job of performance monitoring pretty well. Overall it is an simple, unassuming fitness tracker, which delivers exactly what it promises and does not pretend even the slightest to be sophisticated and excessively advanced than it actually is. Its price, trendy design and ease of operation, qualify it as a popular choice for casual youngsters, aspiring for better fitness.

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