Polar FT4 review

The Polar FT4 is one of those uncommon workout wearables that host a plethora of user-friendly features, without compromising on convenience and ease of operation. In fact it takes ease of operation to an entirely new level, by posing a touch-free operation system, that allows you to glance at your fitness performance, while on the move. Designed for the active person on the go, the FT4 is also a great heart rate monitor, as it delivers the averages as well as maximums of heart rates achieved during workout sessions. Presence of detailed features like a backlight button, fuss-free structure and low-battery indicator, warrant this watch as more than just another heart rate tracker!

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I. Main features

  • Performance: The Polar FT4 measures fitness data during running, jogging, gymming by employing a holistic premise. It provides intensive coverage in terms of miles covered, caloric burn, pace, speed and time elapsed.
  • Cardio training: The Polar FT4 essentially sells itself as an accurate and convenient heart rate tracker, as it monitors BPM and individual target heart zones during workouts, while communicating the same to the user.
  • Waterproofing rating: With a waterpoofing rating of 3ATM, it is suitable for underwater use.
  • Touch-free operation: FT4 entails a HeartTouch feature, which allows touch-free operation to access performance during workout sessions in a convenient manner.
  • Battery life: The FT4 brags of a one year long-battery life. 

II. Overview

The Polar FT4, as a multi-sport wearable delivers exactly what it promises and much more! Apart from measuring your fitness performance and heart rate parameters, it provides a training list of your entire workout sessions, to keep you motivated and set goals for the future. Features like backlight display, long battery life and a durable exterior, label it as an advanced workout watch, meant to mete out sophisticated functions too with equal ease.

III. Pros & Cons

1/ Pros:

  • With the automatic display of HeartTouch, you need not count your heart beats yourself, as this system indicate the beats per minute and also sends an alert whenever your target zone is reached. All these too with a touch-free operation!
  • Equipped with a long battery life and even longer warranty life of two years, you can expect this workout gadget to be your companion all throughout your days of hard-core exercising.
  • The FT4 goes a step further to lend you with extra motivation and keep you on the move always. It summarizes your training sessions, saves and displays them, so that you are aware of your progress and can set realistic goals for the future.
  • Presence of waterproofing rating of 3ATM enables you to strap it on during your diving sessions. However ensure not to push any buttons underwater.
  • The unique selling proposition of the FT4 is its HeartTouch feature, which supports a touch-free operation and allows you to view all your fitness data, with sweaty hands or gloves on.

2/ Cons:

  • Polar FT4 lacks a stopwatch function, which renders it unsuitable for measuring time laps during transitions.

IV. Conclusion

From the Polar FT4 review, we may successfully conclude that the FT4 is a state-of-the-art heart rate tracker, owing to its user-optimized features and understated appeal. Although it does lack a stopwatch function, it more than makes up for it by including specialized, innovative features such as the HeartTouch sensor, which entails a hands-free monitoring. The Polar FT4 lays special emphasis on convenience, a feature quite absent, even in the top-notch fitness trackers of the age.

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