Polar FT60 review

With the all new Polar FT60, you can expect to explore a whole new dimension of performance tracking, as this particular workout wearable includes comprehensive coaching programs, that time your weekly workouts, on the basis of fitness goals and stats, thus keeping you motivated at all times. Presence of accurate tracking features, underwater integrity, user-replacement batteries as well as durability, surely acknowledge the FT60 as the manufacturer’s marvel!

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I. Main features

  • STAR training: The presence of this program provides coaching during workouts, personalized according to individual training goals and user info. This keeps users motivated and updated regarding their current fitness progress.
  • Accurate performance tracking: The Polar FT60 is accredited with the ability to carry out accurate fitness tracking at a consistent rate. It displays caloric and fat burn data after every workout. Presence of a backlight makes it apt for use in indoor cycling.
  • Unique coaching programs: The Polar FT60 is surely a remarkable innovation as it does all that it can to instill motivation amongst lazy people. Inclusion of smart training features like a quick 5 mins fitness test enables you to keep tabs on fitness improvements.
  • Sync & Compatibility: The FT60 comes equipped with a fabric chest strap to allow for coded heart rate tracking without interfering cross talk. It syncs with maximum gymming gear.
  • User-changeable batteries: Polar FT60 includes user-changeable batteries, which negate the need for the service center’s support to replace batteries every year. FT60 also comes with a warranty of two years.

II. Overview

The Polar FT60 is a feature packed, durable, accurate and reasonably priced fitness tracker, which monitors various parameters of workouts, like caloric burn, percentage of fat burnt and heart rate. Equipped with waterproofing features and underwater integrity, it comes with a sizeable warranty of two years, which testify its durability even further. Presence of user-changeable batteries and easy manual setup, surely place the FT60 among the top-notch workout wearables.

III. Pros & Cons

1/ Pros:

  • Polar FT60 delivers premium fitness tracking along with heart rate detection. It produces accurate data in caloric burn as well as percentage if fat burnt during workouts.
  • In addition to its powerful monitoring abilities, it also includes a Star Training feature, which lets you choose specific fitness goals, which is then used to create a weekly exercise routine established on your user information. This helps you stay motivated and track your performance better.
  • Another big hit with the users, is the waterproofing features of Polar FT60, due to which it functions sufficiently even during underwater activities.
  • The Polar FT60 entails an easy user interface without any interference issues,along with a user-optimized setup, which updates weekly fitness stats, current caloric burn, age , weight, height and sex.
  • To lend a more holistic fitness tracking for fitness buffs, the Polar FT60 has the ability to communicate with exercise gear that is enabled with telemetry.
  • Owing to the presence of user-changeable batteries, you can easily replace batteries without running over to the service centre, every time the battery goes dead.

2/ Cons:

  • The only really conspicuous flaw of the Polar FT60 is that it lacks the ability to time intervals, akin to a stopwatch.
  • Uploading or transfer your fitness stats to the computer from Polar, requires you to purchase an additional data uplink accessory, called Polar FlowLink.

IV. Conclusion

In a nutshell, the Polar FT60 is packed with desirable features and one of those rare smartwatches that does not compromise on ease of usage, due to efficiency of performance. It keeps accurate tabs on your fitness progress and motivates you to stay on the track at all times. As mentioned in the Polar FT60 review, it does lack a chronograph function, yet it makes up for this by gaining full marks in all other features.

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