Polar FT7 review

Best known as a heart-rate detector wearable, the Polar FT7 is much more, as it renders accurate tracking of fitness and performance during gymming and swimming. The presence of unique features like a backlight, time & date display, as well as low-battery indicator, only imply the amount of thought and innovation that has been put together to compile this product. With four eye-catchy colours to choose from, the FT7 is versatile, light-weight and the ideal daily companion for daily exercise.

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I. Main features

  • Heart rate detection: The FT7 monitors various aspects of heart beat with great accuracy, such as heart rate, pace and the average frequency of most common heart zones, during every round of workout.
  • Energy pointer: The Energy Pointer is the major highlight feature of the FT7, as this tells the users whether the main effect of training is calorie burning or improvement of fitness.
  • Smart Calorie App: The FT7 comes integrated with a Smart Calorie App, which serves to utilize personal workout information in order to provide accurate data of caloric burn.
  • Additional accessory: FT7 comes with an additional accessory, the chest strap, built of soft fabric, which fastens to the body and syncs with the watch to allow continuous tracking of heart rate during and in between workouts.
  • Compatibility: The FT7 connects easily with compatible gymming devices with the help of its Gym Link app, thus incorporating a more wholesome approach towards fitness tracking.
  • Waterproofing rating: This watch inculcates waterproofing abilities and functions well, till a depth of 30 metres.

II. Overview

The Polar FT7 is power-packed with supreme features of heart rate detection, backlight display and a long battery life. It can be suitably used as a wrist watch too, owing to its time and date display features. With the Polar, you can keep track of your workout history and even share it with online communities, to exchange tips and information, although this would require you to buy an extra Polar FlowLink system.

III. Pros & Cons

1/ Pros:

  • Considered to be one one of the best heart rate tracking watches till date, the Polar FT7 records heart rate parameters at a continuous pace during workouts. This provides enhanced cardio training.
  • The FT7 is one of those rare watches which place safety over fitness, as it beeps when your fitness goals have been met for the day or your heart rate has surpassed the target zone. This urges you to maintain a safe level of intensity while workouts.
  • The Polar FT7 weighs only 1.2 ounces, which makes it one of the most light-weight heart rate detectors out there. Its helpful design and light structure,provides you with the benefit of immense dexterity while workout.
  • With the Polar FT7, you need not wear another watch as it includes rime and date display as well as multiple alarm options. So it is just one wearable, that alternates between two modes, the smartwatch and the regular watch.
  • The battery life is pretty long and requires annual replacement only. Also it features a low-battery indicator, which is helpful in emergencies.

2/ Cons:

  • The Polar FT7 has greater inclination towards tracking of cardio performance, so much so that it fails to monitor complete fitness data, in terms of distance covered and step count.
  • It is odd that with the variety of options that it has, it does not include a timer feature, which renders it incapable of timing your laps.

IV. Conclusion

So the overall verdict that may be compiled by the prescribed Polar FT7 review is that the FT7 is much more than just a heart rate detector wearable. It is an excellent option for people, who wish for an easy-to-use fitness tracker with attractive colour choices and a lightweight structure, which warrant it as a suitable travel companion in any sort of exercise.

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