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Polar Loop is high on simplicity, accuracy and attractiveness. Polar, best known as the maker of an exhaustive array of workout gadgets for cyclists and joggers, has recently ushered into the arena of fitness trackers for casual users, with its latest product, the Polar loop. Reasonably priced and attractive, it hosts a bright LED screen display and serves the purpose of fitness monitoring, pretty well. Although an entry-level training gadget, it includes a waterproofing feature along with broad compatibility which allows it to be paired with smartphones as well as heart rate sensors, for an all-round training measurement.

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I. Main features

  • Design: Polar Loop flaunts a wristband-style design, built from black plastic and enclosing two metal highlights, which bracket the LED display. No doubt about the fact that the name derives from its circular structure!
  • Performance: Loop is equipped to handle performance tracking of regular fitness activities like jogging and gymming. It can measure step count, caloric burn, speed and sleep time.
  • Fitness apps: It supports an app that summarizes entire the workout session of the day in a circular display, instead of the archaic linear timeline form.
  • Battery life: The endurance of Loop batteries is pretty good, with five days of continuous use on a single charge.

II. Overview

The Polar Loop, with its striking design and simplistic features, is a suitable fitness tracker for beginners. Combined to its warranty, is its waterproofing feature, which renders it suitable for use while swimming and shower. Although cheaper than other competing devices, it does lack advanced features of sleep monitoring, food logging as well as calibration. Still, it supports all the features you need to keep track of your daily workout activity, along with enhanced compatibility which allows it to be paired up with separate heart rate detectors.

III. Pros & Cons

1/ Pros:

  • Loop is considerably waterproof, which means it can withstand water pressure while you swim, shower or get drenched in the rain.
  • It is a great gadget to measure your daily activities, like sleep time, caloric burn, steps taken and activity time. All these data, it presents in a circular fashion which is quite interesting to view.
  • Presence of inactivity alerts remind you to stay on track every hour or so.
  • Owing to the expansive compatibility of the Loop, you can pair it up with heart rate straps, to measure distance covered in miles and workout intensity.
  • Loop features a bright resolution and LED display which increases its utility during low-shade or bright-lit environments as well. Its striking design deserves a thumbs up.

2/ Cons:

  • The Polar Loop comes devoid of features like sleep and food tracking. Also it fails to record miles per hour, which only qualify it as a beginner level- tracker.
  • The bands need to be adjusted by a cut, in order to fit the size of a wrist. This takes just about a minute and certainly does not compromise on its functions.

IV. Conclusion

So the bottom line of this Polar Loop review, is that the Polar Loop is an attractive, and affordable fitness tracker, which poses features of integrated display along with adequate day-to-day performance tracking. The lack of comprehensive fitness tracking functions clearly qualify it as no more than a workout gadget meant for casual users only. Yet, the presence of efficient to-the-point functioning without hang-ups, certainly gives the Polar Loop extra brownie points.

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