Polar M400 review

Polar M400 – An innovation of GPS-equipped workout wearables. With the evolution of increasing variety of fitness trackers, the lines between sophisticated workout gadgets are blurring day by day. In the recent times, where GPS-enables workout watches have been largely popularized as an exclusive piece of wearable, meant for only the privileged few of serious-minded fitness buffs, the Polar M400 has risen to combat this monopoly, by supporting GPS features along with GPS-independent functionality, to track fitness on a daily scale. As an all-day activity monitor, the M400 records distance, steps taken and caloric burn, even when you are off the gymming gear. M400 is a capable mid-range device, meant for all those people aspiring to step up their fitness habits a notch. 

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I. Main features

  • Design: The Polar M400 entails a supreme white wristband, enclosing an LCD screen of black and white and bedazzled with red borders.
  • Interface: M400 involves a user-friendly interface, that functions as a standard watch when not in use. It can be controlled to display date and time on one screen and workout summary in the other screen.
  • App: The Polar Flow app summarizes workouts and categorizes them on the basis of different intensities, like low, medium and high. It also displays the total time spent in the active as well as inactive conditions.
  • Performance: M400 supports a GPS feature which is helpful to track running and cycling. Yet it can work with the GPS turned off as well.
  • Battery life: It claims to last for 9 hours on a single charge.

II. Overview

While most GPS-equipped fitness trackers sell themselves on the ability to track directions, the M400 begs to differ. It incorporates GPS features no doubt, but does not require it for its everyday functioning. Its comfortable texture, smooth design and everyday monitoring of activities, adjudge it as the ideal choice for finicky weight-watchers who wish to get a detailed caloric burn of the entire day. The M400 can be worn everyday, every time and delivers accurate measurement even when you are engaged in recreational activities apart from exercise, like dancing, hiking and gaming!

III. Pros & Cons

1/ Pros:

  • The M400 comes in a striking, all-white wristband enclosing a bright LED display which improves visibility and exudes class.
  • The stand-out feature of M400 being daily activity monitoring, it measures summarizes your monthly or weekly activity and displays them in a circular design, which is interesting and fun to view.
  • You can set manual alarms to notify you of every goal that is achieved during workouts. Such audible alerts are motivational and convenient, as you need to stop to glance at your fitness performance every once in a while.
  • Where several GPS watches require a proprietary cable for charging, the M400 comes with compact microUSB port, that makes this device portable and durable.

2/ Cons:

  • The only discernible flaw of the M400 is that it lacks an in-built heart rate sensor. However it is possible to counteract this drawback, by opting for a chest strap.

IV. Conclusion

To summarize the Polar M400 review, it may concluded that the M400 comes across as a perfect crossover device. Although it does offer a GPS feature, it does not require its support to monitor performance and track your daily fitness. This is a real benefit, as it allows you to save up on charge and keep track of fitness, even if you unknowingly turn off the GPS system. Most other GPS-equipped fitness trackers lack a GPS-independent functionality. The M400 is comfortable for all-round use and its display is bright and visible. Furthermore, it is reliable and monitors your activity, even when your are not on the track or treadmill.

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