Polar RS300X review

Polar RS300X is built to deliver holistic workout training. The Polar RS300X, with its heart rate detector in the form of an accessory chest strap, and all-round training functions, is an efficient workout watch, that is guaranteed to provide accurate fitness training, while urging you to stay within safe limits always. Its superbright backlighting and low-battery indicator are testimony to the amount of innovation that has gone into making this product. As a fitness tracker, it can measure distance, duration, caloric burn , speed and heart rate parameters.

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I. Main features

  • Design: The RS300X has been modelled to flaunt a functional design, comprising of in-built elements, to enhance your workout experience to the core. With bright backlighting and low-battery indicator, it is an interactive piece of wearable.
  • Performance: The RS300X monitors fitness data, with special emphasis to heart rate detection. Its screen alternates between two modes, the training mode and regular watch mode.
  • Heart rate sensor: The inclusive chest strap and this watch monitors lap time, beats per minute and along with the target zones of heart rate, which is effective for marathon races.
  • Battery life: With a battery life and warranty of two years, the RS300X is a durable and time-proof choice for a fitness tracker.

II. Overview

The Polar RS300X encloses a wealth of supreme functions, underneath its minimalistic yet classy exterior. Key features of this model include, heart rate detection, low-battery indicators, convenient backlight display along with regular fitness monitoring. It is conditioned as an advanced device to render performance training to marathon athletes.

III. Pros & Cons

1/ Pros:

  • Although it lacks a GPS function, it can thoroughly record duration of workout sessions along with the distance travelled while running and cycling.
  • The Polar RS300X includes every feature required to record workout stats in the most holistic way possible.
  • With an accompanying chest strap and audible alerts, it does justice to its feature of heart rate tracking, as it sends out beeps, whenever the target zone of the day has been reached for the day.
  • The RS300X features a low-battery indicator, to let you know when it is time to schedule a visit to the service center and get the batteries replaced. The backlight display enables viewing in the most unlikely conditions.
  • The waterproofing rate of 5 ATM makes it an eligible wearable for monitoring underwater performance.
  • With a warranty and battery life of two long hears, you can expect it to be your workout companion till all your essential goals have been reached.

2/ Cons:

  • Since the watch is not designed to contain user-replaceable batteries, you will have to rush down to the service center every time the battery goes dead.
  • Also this watch is not built to transfer data across smartphones, unless with the help of an additional accessory. This dips its credibility to some extent.

IV. Conclusion

As a logical end to this Polar RS300X review, we may surmise that this watch is an accurate heart rate checker watch, which allows you to vary the intensity as well as efficiency of daily workouts without going off board and compromising on health. With the Polar RS300X , you can track not just your BMP ( beats per minute), but also caloric burn, lap times, target zones, duration of workouts and much more! It is primed equally well for providing marathon training and regular fitness tracking.

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