Polar V800 review

Packed with supreme functions, the Polar V800 is designed to be a top-notch fitness tracker. From the house of Polar, the ace inventors of fitness trackers, comes yet another innovation, the Polar V800. Polar V800 is a well-optimized multisport workout watch, that boasts of scratch-resistant monstrous lens, high contrast display and GPS. As a 24/7 fitness tracker, it is adept to render customized training and helps you to attain the pinnacle of training, especially when you need it the most. With its real-time multiple sports guidance, in-depth coaching insights and accurate recovery of fitness data, the V800 may be successfully tagged as the ultimate workout mentor for ambitious triathletes. It has everything you need for a comprehensive workout session, right from altimeter and heart-rate sensor to water-proofing features.

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I. Main features

  • Design: Polar V800 is fashioned to flaunt a modest exterior that spells class and elegance in bold letters. Its scratch-resistant screen glass and high contrast LED display makes viewing convenient in low lighting environments.
  • Performance: V800 tracks distance, pace, speed as well as altitude. It is suitable as a 24/7 workout watch.
  • Multi-sport guidance: With the ability to record entire lengths of a triathlon race, and shift automatically between each of the three races as well as transitions, the V800 is designed to offer optimum multisport guidance.
  • Battery life: V800 possesses a battery life of 14 hours in the training mode and 50 hours in the low light mode.
  • Heart rate sensor: V800 integrates an H7 Bluetooth smart heart rate tracker, which monitors cardio performance accurately in the gym, on track or under water.

II. Overview

The Polar V800 is the perfect blend of simplicity and sophistication. With its improved multisport training features, heart rate sensor as well as barometric altimeter, it acts like your real-time coach during vigorous workout sessions.

III. Pros & Cons

1/ Pros:

  • The V800 has a scratch-proof lens of Gorilla glass, which makes it resistant to wear and tear and the many hurdles that might make you fall during triathlon training.
  • With its integrated barometric altimeter, it can track descent or ascent while cycling. Its GPS feature helps track performance and speed while running. It maps distance, route and step count accurately.
  • The V800 possess customized user profiles for the three laps of a triathlon and seamlessly drifts from one sport to another, while recording complete performance and the transition times. This makes it an apt workout guide for seasoned triathletes.
  • Incorporation of an H7 Bluetooth Smart heart rate sensor, labels this device as an accurate BPM checker during training as well as swimming.
  • V800 is waterproof up to a depth of thirty metres, which is enough to monitor a wide range of underwater activities.

2/ Cons:

  • The overall design of the V800 sure is bulky, which tends to make its presence known, especially when you wear it underwater at great depths.
  • Compatibility is of a bit of an issue with the V800 , as it is compatible with iOS and later versions of Android (4.3 or more) only.

IV. Conclusion

As may be adjudged by the Polar V800 review, the Polar V800 is a practical choice for both amateur athletes, as well as the conditioned ones. Its easy manuaI setup, customized profiles and insightful multisport coaching, renders it as a top-notch fitness tracker, one that performs basic ones with ease and also incorporates superior functions for a more detailed training. With the V800 you can expect to push your limits and reach the peak of optimal training. 

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