Runtastic Orbit review

Runtastic has finally placed its foothold into the world of fitness trackers, with its all new 24-hour fitness tracker, the Runtastic Orbit. The latter promises reliable and accurate tracking of your fitness performance in a round-the-clock manner. Its daily monitoring instills fitness discipline among users, and provides a better sense of the level of performance required to attain pre-set goals. It measures step count and translates it into distance covered during exercise, and also tracks individual sleep durations. Orbit brags of sleep and time alarms too, thus negating the need for yet another wrist-gadget.

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I. Main features

  • Performance: The Orbit is a bonafide example of functionality, as it utilizes a customized calorie tracker to work up exceptionally accurate fitness stats. It also minimizes unnecessary details and provides a brief overview of daily movement.
  • Sleep tracking: Orbit not only provides 24-hour fitness tracking, but also continuous sleep tracking, by detecting the total sleep duration, and duration of individual sleep stages of a sleep cycle.
  • Progress indicator: Orbit dial displays fitness progress with respect to pre-set goals on its indicator bar and sends gentle, timely reminders to keep you on track always.
  • Waterproofing activity: With a high waterproofing rating, Orbit is suitable for tracking of underwater activities up to a depth of 100-300 feet.
  • Wireless sync: The Orbit features wifi, which allows automatic transfer and sync of your fitness stats and daily activity log, with your smartphone.
  • Time & Sleep alarm modes: Orbit displays, on its dial screen, the time and weather, and allows you to set sleep alarms which sets off vibration alerts to wake you up in a gentle manner.

II. Overview

Runaway Orbit, is the new 24 hour workout wearable introduced by Runtastic, the company which is known as the whistle-blower of a wide-range of apps. Featuring a sporty, trendy design with versatile options of wristbands, this particular watch is too comprehensive for an entry-level wearable, as it delivers continuous tracking of fitness activities and measures them, to produce a detailed analysis to the user. Added to that is its long battery life, ambient light detector for improved sleep tracking, as well as wireless synchronization features, which surely label it as an efficient device for all-round fitness tracking. The fact that it exhibits waterproofing activity up to an overwhelming 300 feet, only testifies this further.

III. Pros & Cons

1/ Pros:

  • The Orbit sports extreme versatility in the colour of wristbands, which makes it fit to wear in all kinds of occasions.
  • Owing to its high waterproofing activity, you need not think before diving in the pool right after for workout session.
  • Its time and sleep alarm features negate the need to wear an extra wrist-watch, as it displays time and allows you to set customized alarms at specific time points.
  • Being extremely comfortable to wear, it can be worn throughout the night’s sleep, during which time it monitors sleep as well.
  • It syncs automatically with smartphones and involves a wide range of compatibility.

2/ Cons:

  • The Orbit no doubt has quite a room for improvement in the sense that it includes the teeny weeny highlights of every feature but does not execute any particular feature to the fullest. However this same factor makes it a suitable choice for novice users.
  • Little innovation has been lent to the apps, which provide information of a more detailed nature, rather than an analytical nature.

IV. Conclusion

From this Runtastic Orbit review, it may be concluded that this watch , although an entry-level one, does not lag behind its competitors in functionality and usability. With its touch-sensitive display and all-round tracking abilities, the Orbit is a power-pack no doubt. The standout feature of this wearable is that it delivers what it promises, unlike those high-end wearable’s, which functions only a fraction of what it claims to do.

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