TomTom Multi-sport GPS watch review

Hailing from the house of Tom-Tom, the Multi-Sport GPS watch is power-packed with desirable features of fitness tracking during indoor tread milling as well as outdoor sports, like running, cycling and swimming. It integrates a heart-rate monitor, that measures cardio status during performance and allows you to work out without going off-limits. The presence of an altimeter as well as cadence sensor make it favorable for bikers as it can suitably measure elevation and mount on bikes, to track performance while cycling.

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I. Main features

The Tomtom Multi-Sport watch is enabled with the following features:

  • Performance: The Tom-Tom Multi-sport lives up to its name for sure, as it includes enough features to track activity on the treadmill, bike, foot and also underwater.
  • Real-time training: It provides a one-button control to operate the tiny dial and view running, swimming or cycling metrics simply at a glance. The presence of an ingrained heart rate monitor gives minute-to-minute updating on heart rate and allows training within the optimal zone only.
  • In-built Features: The Tom-Tom sports high-end in-built features such as a heart rate tracker to monitor cardio fitness achieved through the physical activity. The presence of a cadence sensor makes it fit for rigorous cycling events, and it to monitor performance during all outdoor events too, be it cycling, walking or running.
  • Sync & Sharing: The Tom-Tom supports easy analysis, sync as well sharing of the fitness stats on apps, and even famous running sites.

II. Overview

The major highlight of the Multi-Sport watch is its exhaustive array of features which track and motivate fitness in the user, by improving the speed as well as cardio fitness. The presence of a cadence sensor, altimeter and accelerometer make it suitable for usage in various outdoor activities, like running, cycling and swimming.

III. Pros & Cons

1/ Pros:

  •  Its fitness tracking feature extend to all sorts of outdoor activities such as cycling, running and swimming. Such a wholesome approach to well being in a single package, is surely rare.
  • Indoors, the Tom-Tom acts like the pedometer to monitor treadmill usage, and track the calories burnt, along with heart rate and pace. This lends greater safety to training.
  • The Tom-Tom, with its integrated cadence sensor, is the ultimate tracker for passionate bikers, as it provides GPS tracking of locations along with details of speed of pedalling, wheel revolutions, and calories burnt in the process.
  • With the help of its in-built accelerometer, it monitors performance during swimming and analyses the number and type of strokes made in the pool.
  • The major highlight of Tom-Tom Multi-Sport is the finesse with which it works for all three sports, namely, cycling, running and swimming.
  • The one-button touch feature is a intuitive system for layman users to get hang of, as it provides easy swipe on the dial to view fitness stats and control notifications.

2/ Cons:

  • Although the Tom-Tom Multi-Sport is enormously credited as a three-in-one fitness tracker for all three activities, it works a tad low for swimming, than it does for running and cycling.
  • It connects only via Bluetooth SMART, and does not pair up with devices based on the ANT wireless technology.

IV. Conclusion

From this TomTom Multi-Sport GPS watch review, it is quite clear that the pros of the Tom-Tom Multi-Sport GPS largely outweigh the flaws, which makes feasible enough track the performance of activities like tread milling, running, cycling and swimming. The incorporation of heart-rate monitors, speed sensors and accelerometers make it a win-win accessory for fitness freaks who wish for an all-round detection of performance. All in all, it deserves credit for its power-packed features held within its simple, unassuming design.

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