TomTom Spark Review

Hey, are you in search of a suitable fitness tracker? Do you want the best fitness tracker for your exercise that is comprised of all the best features? If you want the best features as well as good facilities with a smart look then I think looking at nowhere you should go for the brand new TomTom Spark Fitness Tracker. This time TomTom, one of the best inventors of fitness tracker comes with their brand new item, TomTom Spark.

With some amazing features, The TomTom spark is designed to be a world class fitness tracker that I think, will be the best thing to keep with us during exercise. In this product, we are going to have a classy look with some advanced features which includes automatic system tracking time, date, speed, distance, with the amount of burnt calories too. It is going to provide a large contrast LED display. Beside these all this product allows us to enjoy music without even carrying the cell phone during jogging. Do you want to know more details about this fitness tracker? If yes then you can go through the detailed review.

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I. Main features

  • Design: TomTom Spark comes with an amazing external look that is classy and smart too. It contains a scratch-resistant screen glass with a highly distinct LED display that will make us view in a suitable way in a low light situations.
  • Performance: This fitness tracker watch can also track speed, distance, time as well as how much calories we have burnt. We can use it anytime in a day we want. If you are really serious about performance then this product would certainly surprise you. It will amaze you with its performance.
  • Heart-Monitoring System: TomTom spark fitness tracker watch is a perfect thing to monitor your Heart’s activity easily with unmatched accuracy. It’s just like an electronic finger on our pulse, continuously checking our vitals.
  • Battery span: TomTom spark fitness tracker provides a huge battery span with its Lithium-ion battery.
  • Multi-sport guidance: This item comes with an important feature that allows us to have a record of the length of the total race we have done.
  • Music system: Using this fitness consist of a music system that provides us the pleasure of music during exercise without even carrying our phone with us.

II. Overview

The screen of the fitness tracker contains high contrast LED and can display time, date. It is going to show the perfect details of how much calories we have lost, how much distance we run as well as what is our speed. Another great feature is its’ music system. We can carry around 500 songs around with that fitness tracker not even carrying phones during exercise. It comes with a scratch-proof display that makes it suitable to use whenever and wherever you want. The TomTom Spark Fitness tracker watch is a perfect combination of simplicity and creative, sophisticated specifications. Having such perfect multi-sport features and 24*7 heart monitoring system this product is going to give a tough competition indeed in the market of the fitness tracker.

III. Pros & Cons

1/ Pros:

  • It has as attractive and smart exterior design.
  • Can record the time, speed, distance as well as amount of burnt calories.
  • It has a high contrast LED display which helps us to see the screen in low light too.
  • It possesses a huge battery span with Lithium ion battery.
  • It has a music system in which we can carry over 500 songs.
  • Quite convenient to carry every time always.

2/ Cons:

  • It is too costly so common people can’t afford to buy this product.

IV. Conclusion

As can be concluded from the TomTom Spark review, The TomTom Spark fitness tracker is a good choice for the people who are in search of a stylish looking, prudent, sophisticated fitness tracker. It comes with some best features like heart monitoring system, music system, multi-sport features. It provides perfect details of timing, date, speed, distance as well as how much calories we have lost. Its’ high distinct LED display is also quite appreciable. Last but not the least its’ huge battery span is also awesome. On the whole, it’s going to give a tough competition in the market of fitness trackers with its’ advanced features. I think if you are looking for the best fitness tracker in this digital era this one should be your first choice.

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