Withings Activite Pop smart watch review

With affordable wearables finally edging its way into the main stream, demand for design-driven smartwatches equipped with fitness tracking capacities have risen as a furor all over. As an answer to these demands, Withings, a French firm has come up with the all new Withings Activite Pop Smart Watch and Sleep Tracker, which poses a super-stylish exterior with a strong scratch-free sapphire dial along with detailed performance analysis apps, that makes it suitable for tracking performance during gym as well as underwater sports.

We bring you here a Withings Activite Pop smart watch review, to help you understand this smartwatch and activity tracker better.

I. Main features

  • Design: Elegant refinement is surely the most apt way to describe the design of Activite Pop.Its machine-milled stainless steel body held by leather strips lend it a timeless appeal, one that can be flaunted in the interview, at the party or the gym, with equal ease.
  • Waterproofing Activity: With a waterproofing rating of up to 5 ATM, it is designed to track performance and hourly count of calories burnt during swimming till a height of 165 ft below water level.
  • Battery Life: Activite claims to keep tracking performance for a duration of eight months, without charging or battery arrangement.
  • Smartphones Compatibility & Bluetooth Connectivity: The Activite Pop smartwatch is compatible with both Android as well a iOS, although it cannot be paired to Windows Phones, via its 4.0 Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Sleep & Fitness tracking: The Pop smartwatch activity tracker, keeps tabs of number of steps and the calories burnt during running, walking and even swimming. Its in-built Healthmate app, with its selection of graphs and the color-coded bars offer sound guidance on how to make little changes to reach closer to a desired pre-set goal.

II. Overview

Built to the finesse of Withings and precision of Swiss watchmaking, the Activite Pop smartwatch appeals to one and all, owing to its irresistible features of waterproofing, fitness tracking as well as sleep analysis, all of which promote a holistic well-being. Its accuracy and traditional finish sets it apart from the more garish smartwatches, as it blends with every personality well.

III. Pros & Cons

1/ Pros:

  • Crafted by skills akin to Swiss watchmaking, the Pop Smart watch produces long-lasting precision as well as accuracy.
  • The Activite seamlessly monitors whether you are running, swimming or walking and with its Healthmate app, records the steps, strokes and calories burnt in the process. One glance at the sub-dial gives percentage-wise update on your progress, based on pre-set goals.
  • The Activite detects when you fall asleep automatically and gives detailed analysis of your sleep patterns throughout the night.
  • The Healthmate app includes fun features like Healthy Reminder Activity badges that motivate you to keep going and appreciate you when small-term goals are met. Such real-time mentoring is highly encouraging.
  • Activite has an overwhelming battery life of eight months, which means you can carry it and use with ease anywhere, anytime.

2/ Cons:

  • As comparison to its rivals, the apps are less detailed, however its features are quite comprehensive and convenient for people who are using a fitness tracker for the very first time.
  • Background Syncing becomes a problem without unnecessary timeouts. However this problem can be negated by timely updating.

IV. Conclusion

So what can be really surmised from this Withings Activite Pop Smart Watch review, is that the Activite Pop smart watch is hard to overlook, as it is certainly not style over substance. With its combined features of fitness tracking coupled to sleep monitoring, it does complete justice to the consumer market of activity trackers.

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