The Best Workouts for Women

Just like men, today all women will love to stay fit and healthy. This is the reasons why there are more women now attending the gym than before. So what is the perfect workout for any woman looking forward to achieving a perfect fitness level? There are myriad workouts that are recommended for women who would love to stay fit. Some of these workouts include;

Cardio Intervals

This is one form of healthy exercise for the women. It involves the high-intensity training that will aid in weight loss. This is because it will enable the body to burn more calories as you train in a very short time. The workout can be done with different pieces of cardio equipment that include; bike, treadmill, and elliptical among others.


This is another form of healthy and highly recommended exercise that will perfectly work out for all women. It is a simple exercise that you will easily learn to give you the best body workout. Since it is known to work the whole body, the exercise will aid in burning the unwanted body fat. This, therefore, implies that it will work out for women looking forward to reducing weight.


Do you always love doing the bridge workouts? In most cases, the exercise has always been associated with individuals with a back problem. This implies that when you do the exercise, you will be keeping your back healthy and free of pain. You will rarely suffer from back pains that bring about a lot of discomfort. It is elementary to get started with the workout as you just need to lie face up on the floor while bending the knees.

Side Plank

Are you interested in making your waistline thinner than it is? In case you do, then this is an ideal form of workout that will definitely suit you. The side plank will work on the deep abdominal muscles to ensure that the muscles are build and stay strong. Besides this, it will easily burn off all the excess body fat around the belly to shrink your waist.

Triceps Extensions

A triceps extension is a form of workout that will easily tone the body muscles mostly those on the triceps and back shoulder. When doing the triceps extensions, it is important to use the lightweight that will enable you to work out for longer. You can always lower and lift a 3 pound or less weight for about an inch. This needs to be repeated for as long as possible.

Shoulder Stand

Doing the shoulder stand workout will always aid the body to stay fit just as expected. This is because the shoulder stand will aid in reducing the cellulite, which means that you will stay healthy and strong. I will also aid in burning the excess body fat around the belly. While in the required position with the legs facing up, you need to stay for at least five minutes for a better body tone.

Apart from the above workouts, you can also try other simple fitness tips like; step-ups, second positions plies, and single leg deadlift among others. It is always important that you include the best fitness tracker with best fitness app in any of these workouts to track all your activities.

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