The fat people and long lasting misconceptions

Carrying a bulky body to every single corner of your neighbor is not such a pleasant experience during your whole life. This scenario is so common among fat people, not to mention the obese. If you are overweight, this scenario might be familiar with you. Well, fat people wake up every morning, look at themselves in the mirror and wonder: what damn thing is this? Although the specter of obesity is hanging around, the majority of fat people still suffer from this obsession. But, what are the roots of the reasons that keep them in a fat mold and erase their attempt to lose weight? Let’s skim through this article and check whether you are in agreement with the below statements.

1. In order to lose weight, fat people must do the exercise, as much as they can

It is not uncommon when most people share a mutual thought that, the more exercise you do, the more kilos you will lose. This notion is just a part of a weight loss equation, which requires the contribution of healthy eating habit. Focusing too much on doing exercises but neglecting the regular intake of nutrition does not effectively turn your bulky appearance into a charming model on most beauty magazines.

Exercises are beneficial to your health, especially the obese or people who are experiencing a sedentary lifestyle. However, it does not mean that you have extra fat and you can do whatever exercise, nor does it mean that the obese must work out much harder than other normal-weight counterpart. Remember that your weight loss begins and ends in the kitchen.


If you are now focusing too much on running, weight lifting, and other sweaty exercises, you should refresh your mind and start following your eating habit at the same time. Take a notebook and jot down some words about your determination to lose weight, and how to achieve your dreamed model by combining the habit of healthy eating and working out. It is hard to tell which one is more important, but the harmony between eating and exercising is certainly shaping your body into a perfect mold in the long run.

2. If you are obese, eating nothing might help to shed some pounds in a couple of months

Eating nothing does not mean you just inhale and exhale, and that’s all. Sticking yourself to a harsh diet program might lead to unexpected consequence on your overall well-being, exhaustion, dehydration or even dizziness and faith.

There are hundreds of reasons why you are advised to have a light meal half an hour prior to your workout time. The calories you burn during working out is huge, that is the reason why a hamburger and a glass of milk are really helpful to maximize your full capacity. During your workout, an empty stomach is the culprit of distraction and this might cause unexpected injuries. See, you know how powerful a light meal is.


As simple as it might sound, if you want to lose some weight, your intake calories must be lower than the calories you burn during exercising. The necessary nutrition when you consume food will be transferred into energy that ensures the proper function of human body. Therefore, the shortage of nutritious substances can’t help your body create energy, and without energy you will feel nothing better than waking up after a week laying lazily in bed.

3. Diet is a permanent solution towards weight loss

Diet is a means of caloric restriction, in which you hamper the intake of calories from the food you eat every day. Most people nourish the fear of diet as all their beloved food will be taken away. Overcome this fear is just the entrance to a long term goal of losing weight.

Sadly, approximately 2/3 of people who lose weight is prone to regain what they have lost within a year. At this point, although dieting to lose weight is a difficult task, maintaining this habit is much more challenging as it requires the patience and an undefeatable mental strength. Only few people are successful in maintaining their weight loss, and they all share common behavior, i.e the strategy of consuming low-energy intake, engaging in physical activities, being consistent with body weight and food intake, having regular breakfast or demonstrating a high level of dietary restraint.


Although sustained weight loss with strict diet alone can be possible for some individual, it does not mean that diet is the number one choice for people with excess weight. An effective weight loss method must combine the habit of regular exercises and  a healthy diet. As being mentioned above, these 2 elements are 2 parts of a weight loss equation. Therefore, diet itself does not effectively help you a lot in the long run, especially with the absence of physical activities.

4. Low intensity workout is much better for individuals who are overweight

Normally, people have a tendency to choose low intensity workout when they expect to change their appearance. Therefore, running, hiking, jogging, walking around the park,… are amongst the best options. These exercises increase metabolic system, strengthen your heart and refresh your mind whenever you are under pressure of exams or workload.

However, when your body is getting acquaintance with the low level of movement, maintaining the repeated exercises does not help to lose weight. And more importantly, low intensity workout accidentally creates a comfort zone which nourishes the dream of losing some pounds in a month, but reality is not that positive image. When it comes to lose weight, low intensity exercises do not help a lot.


Nowadays, it is not difficult to realize that fat people spend hours in the gym trying to sweat as much as they can. Intensity is the utmost important factor which directly helps to burn your extra fat and consolidate muscle. During this process, weight lifting or cardio workouts should be jotted down in your to-do-list and, on the other hand, low intensity workouts should also be included in your weight loss program to moderate your general workout time. Depending too much on low intensity, or vice versa, just wastes your time and hardly bring back any success as per your expectation. Remember that moderation is the best.

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