Things to know about calories intake for men

Calories is a scientific term to describe the unit of energy measurement, just like pounds to describe weight, miles for distance or volt for electricity . Normally, men and women require different calories intake because of their different body construction. Comparing to women, men are built up with more muscle but less fat portion. Therefore, the calories they have to burn is much higher than that of a woman and men also need more calories to maintain proper functioning activities on a daily basis.

Besides the different calories demand in terms of genders, every single individual requires different calories intake based on these 4 principle criteria:

  • Age: Children and teenagers need more daily calories for their active lifestyle and adulthood-transition development, whereas the number of calories for older men is much lower.
  • Body size: your height and weight are both directly affect the amount needed for your demanding calories.
  • Metabolism: this is the process of synthetizing energy from the food you eat. If you have a strong metabolic system, you will definitely need more calories.
  • Level of physical activity: An office worker or a gym coach requires different daily calories based on the degree of their daily activities.

This article mainly discusses the calories intake for men on the ground of 2 sides of a healthy life equation: nutrient and exercise. This is your energy story: Your body needs energy to sustain itself and facilitates daily activities. But where energy comes from? – Calories. The process called metabolism is responsible for turning what you eat into calorie, which is the basic ingredient to produce energy. This process is just for people without any movement. It’s nonsense, right? Men are active, or at least moving around. Therefore, we need a calorie-out procedure.

You are burning calories whenever you move, especially when you work out, you need more force, then more calorie is burnt, your metabolic system is boost, and you eat more. This is a simple process of a gym doer. However, whether you are going to gym or not, the rest of this article is beneficial for you. Let’s check it out!

Calories for men from daily food


Food is the main source that provides you the amount of calories you need. According to health experts, if you are expecting to adjust your calories intake, you should prefer healthy whole food to processed food. In order words, it is a wise choice to consume lean protein, healthy fats, whole grains, fruits and vegetable on a daily basis. These options are high in both calories and nutrient – 2 vital substances needed your body improvement. On the other aspect, fatty or sugary food tends to provide a lot calories with very low nutrient proportion. For more information about clever food choice, please visit here:

Calories intake plan for men

Stop reading for a while and look at yourself in the mirror. What are you expecting to improve your physical appearance? Do you want to lose your belly fat or need some weights to look more muscularly attractive? Your current transformation desire is your fitness goal and your urgent task now is to calculate the necessary calories to hit the target.

The BMI calculation (Body Mass Index) is designed to give you a precise number of your health status based on your age, current height, weight and the evaluation of how active you are.* A well-proportioned body would have its number between 18.5 and 24.5. If your number varies in this range, congratulation, you just need to maintain what you are right now. In case your number is higher, it’s time to think of shedding some pounds out of your body by reducing your calories intake. On the flip side, put on some more calories if your number is lower than 18.5. 

(*) Visit here to have your body index:

For simple calculation, you can try out this way: let’s take your current weight (in pounds) and multiply it by 11. This is the amount of calories you need to sustain your body when you are just lying all day without doing anything. Let’s say the result is A? Now, multiply the value A you got by 1.5 and this is your final calorie number you need to perform daily activities.

What weight loss men should know

You should be aware of anything you put in your mouth as a small cup of morning coffee might accidentally add some calories to your total consume. One of the best way to control your calorie intake from meal is writing down what you eat. This action seems to be at first. However, in the long run it really challenges your mental strength. Needless to say, writing down whatever you eat allows you to keep track on your diet diary as well as how many calories you take in day on and day off.  Just keep the number of calories around 1800, altogether with some more exercise which also contributes considerably to your weight loss process.

Useful tips to maintain your perfect weight

In order to maintain your ideal body, you should absorb around 2000 calories every day. More importantly, trying to keep your healthy habits (if any) is a must as fluctuation of your daily calories intake might stem from any bad habits including staying up so late, digging in fried chicken or soft drink, etc. In this maintenance phase, it is important to monitor your weight and calories intake closely, combining with regular exercise which together will make you proud of your current appearance.

Should you are longing for more pounds, read this

Some people think that gaining more weights seems to be much easier than shedding some pounds from your body. This is a reasonable viewpoint for normal people. For those who are experiencing a set of health problems, suffering illnesses or being controlled by genetic, gaining more weight is more challenging. Underweight people have to take in at least 2200 calories every day, but the process of gaining weight does not limited itself to the terms “calories” or “weight”. It is your food choice that affects your overall health in the long run. No matter how thin you are, you should also prioritize exercise. Instead of sweating with cardio, you should focus more on strength training, which not only builds your muscle but it also prevent you from losing any more weight.

How exercises affect your calories intake?


After having a list of healthy food and planning your fitness target, you should go ahead and choose some appropriate physical activities. In order to balance your healthy lifestyle equation, both calories intake and exercises should be put on the scale. It is a common misunderstanding that the shortcut to gain more weight is eating and sleeping. Of course, you will become fatter after a couple of weeks, but this method is not recommended as what you are storing is just fat and you are becoming bigger in a negative way.

If you have a habit of doing exercise regularly, it’s great. If you don’t, it is the right time to give up your sedentary lifestyle. You should work out 4 to 5 times a week, choose the combined exercises that can help you burn no more than 800 calories per day. In the long run, you should also change these exercises to create more challenges to your muscles and optimize their function.

After deciding the right amount of calories you have to absorb every day, you have to balance the amount of calories you consume from food and drink with the amount of calories you burn during physical activities. Make sure the differences between calories in and out is the number of calories you are expecting, not that much to add more additional pounds or too low to maintain daily activities.

Men daily intake and testosterone

Encountering a calorie deficit might result in the lowered testosterone production as the things you eat directly affects this masculine hormone, both quantity and quality. Supplying your body with nutrient food is a great way to enhance your testosterone level, but not that much to store fat. If you are insufficient to calories, simply start eating normally as the suggestions above, but with a slight surplus afterwards when you finally hit the fitness target. Your testosterone level should bounce back up in just few weeks.

Should men need a fitness tracker to control the calories intake?

When discussing calories intake for men, it is big mistake to miss the electronic gadgets that can help to count the calorie figures. Needless to say, you have no difficulty at all to write down what you have consumed during the day and list out a column of calories you brought to your body. However, if you expect to have a number of calorie you burn during workout time, a fitness tracker might perfectly perform this task.

Fitness tracker (or workout watch) is a device worn around your wrist or hooked on your clothes. Thanks to the close connection between the fitness tracker and your skin, it can record the your steps and heartbeats, then data will be collected and the synthesized calories then reveals how active you are during the day. This process requires some compatible apps on your laptop or smartphone, and do not surprise or annoying when the app asks for your gender, age, height, and weight. These information is there to make the calculation of your burnt calories more precise. If you want more information about a fitness tracker, please visit here: .

By using fitness tracker, you will not only control your active state during the day but also receive the number of the calories you burn. Now you have your calories in and out, let’s start your journey to achieve your healthy fitness goal!

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