Top 15 best luxurious fitness tracker jewelries

Have you ever thought of turning your dull fitness tracker into a more luxurious accessory? Or are you seeking any limited edition of a fitness band or fitness tracker jewelries? If yes for both, this article is the right destination for you.

Fitness tracker is no longer an alien device among fitness doers because of its terrific functions that help wearers follow their workout routine. Furthermore, some people would like to add more fashion to their wearable trackers and confidently wear it to any parties. They are hoping to bring style to this wearable technology. Understanding this demand, some manufacturers have introduced plenty of accessories of some specially giants in the fitness tracker market, for instance Fitbit, Misfit, Jawbone UP, etc.

These additional stuff can be manufactured and introduced by the brand itself under the form of special versions or limited edition, some are produced by another parties who are specialized in decorated accessories.

The fitness tracker jewelries mainly cover the whole tracker and hide it under the shining and fashionable outlook. This action is not only a means of tracking health, but it also show off the owner’s status. The accessory comes in various colors and designs with the prices affordable to dress up your device. For you, this can be worn around your wrist or hooked up as a pendant without any trackers required. For your acquaintances, this trend can be applied to gift-giving culture, where the accessory is treated like a precious jewelry.

Apart from special version series, fitness tracker jewelry is just a tool of decoration and does not contribute to the tracking process of a fitness tracker. Moreover, the brand name of your tracker is indispensable to choose the right accessory. In the following part, the top 15 best fitness tracker jewelries are to be introduced. Then, check them out and find the best one that suit your aesthetic taste, your fitness brand name and your budget.

1. Fitbit Bling Jewelry Accessory – Katya


Fitbit Bling Jewelry is pieces of jewelry that blows a more stylist and fashionable breeze to your boring fitness band. This accessory only covers the face of your watch, not entirely wraps around your band. Normally, just simply shift this accessory out of the way and see your watch face.

  • The elastic stretchy cord provides the durability to this accessory, altogether with twinkle little stones and flowers attached to the surface
  • The stones are securely placed so that there is no fear of falling out
  • The color of the flowers come in various bright and vibrant models: copper and crimson red, copper and gold, copper and turquoise, copper and white, gold and crimson red, purple and gold, silver and white, white and red. This color ranges both work harmonically with Fitbit band color and broaden your artistic demand in terms of fashion, then choose the color that suits you best!

Please note:

  • Dimension: 7 x 1 x 0.2 inches
  • Compatible with: Fitbit Charge HR, Fitbit Flex
  • Fitbit Charge HR, Fitbit Flex bracelet are sold separately
  • Should not be worn on moisture skin or while working out

2. Fitband Bling Victoria


This Victoria fitness tracker jewelry with a gorgeous oversized model add a beautiful look to your fitness band. It will sit nearly an inch above the face. The item is attached to your band with a thin clear elastic cord which is strong enough to keep it securely there during movements and allow users to slide easily into place.

Customer will be enchanted with the gold and silver version, as well as a sophisticated design with sparkling clear glass accents.

Please note:

3. Misfit Bloom Necklace (Stainless Steel)


Misfit Bloom Necklace appears under the form of a stainless steel pendant. It is appealing with floral patterns which feature a spiraling geometric design. Altogether with a stainless steel chain makes you more comfortable to keep track on your movements during daily activities. The chain is durable and thick-linked, with an extender of 2’’ and the length of 18’’. It is removable then you can swap the chain for other pendants.

Wearing this bloom for any coffee or cocktail occasions and see how it sparkles among people. Bloom’s stainless steel matches any Shine colors, especially with Grey and Champagne Shine.

Please note:

  • Dimensions: 2.4 x 0.8 x 6.1 inches
  • Compatible with: Misfit Shine

4. Jawbone UP2 Lightweight Thin Strap Fitness Tracker


This time, Jawbone UP2 launched a genre of fitness tracker that really attracted customers’ curiosity. At this moment, the new lightweight design of UP2 is available with 5 color ranges: oat, turquoise, black diamond, gunmetal, and orchid. The exterior is found to be the thinnest and the most style-savvy out there in the market. Looking inside, it generates personalized insights that support users with their fitness goal even much faster.

Please note:

  • Dimensions: 7 x 0.5 x 0.1 inches
  • Compatible with: Jawbone UP series
  • Accompanied with a 10-day battery life

5. The MARISSA Bangle Fitbit Bracelet


Another great innovation that covers your Fitbit and makes it more fashionable than ever.  Rather than wearing a plain plastic tracker all day long, you now have another option to use this elegant bracelet and dress up your look. Although the Marissa Bangle is not ornately designed, its plain style really accessorizes while hiding your Fitbit Charge activity tracker.

This beautiful bracelet comes in 2 main colors: gold and brushed gold. You can not only wear this accessory to beautify your activity tracker, but also be worn as a normal jewelry, in high quality.

Please note:

  • Size: Inner Circumference = 7″ inches, Width = 2″ inches
  • Compatible with: Fitbit Charge HR

6. The PAIGE 7.5 Engraved Antique Silver Bracelet


Unlike Marissa bangle with plain gold design, this Paige genre is intricately engraved with swirls. This stylist line is promised to dress up your boring plastic band and no one will realize you are wearing an activity tracker. One small minus is given to its color which is limited in silver.

However, the overall exterior of Paige is harmony with the wearer itself, something not too boringly out-of-fashion or too juvenile to wear. You can wear your Paige bracelet without your activity tracker. In order to remove it, just firmly press the push pad at the back end of the pouch until the tracker slides out.

Please note:

  • Dimension: 3.2 x 4.2 x 5.5 inches
  • Compatible with Fitbit, Avia and Misfit

7. The BRIDGET Hammered Shiny Hinge Bangle Fitbit Bracelet


This Bridget Hammered shiny Hinge Bangle is made of metal alloy and is available with gold, rose gold and silver in color. With a classy and fashionable design, this accessory is perfect to turn your Fitbit Flex into a gorgeous bracelet. However, the bracelet size is limited and it seems to be a little small accessory for any big wrists.

Things to notice:

  • Size: Inner Circumference = 6.5” inches
  • Compatible with Fitbit Flex

8. The TINLEY Studded Snap Bracelet


This Tinley Studded Snap bracelet is well fit for everyone, with no concerns about your wrist size. Moreover, you will be amazed with a design of tiny artificial pearls, along with 18 colors of band to choose from: grey, black, white, blue, light blue, brown, red, cerulean, dark green, lime green, gold, lavender, little pink, magenta, orange, purple, tan, and teal.

It is super easy to use this bracelet, simply insert the tracker (rounded edge first) into the open end of the pouch and make some adjustments until it is secure. Then, place the bracelet on your wrist and enjoy your new jewelry.

Please note:

  • Product size: inner circumference: between 5.75″-6.25″ inches, width: 2.75” inches.
  • Compatible with: Fitbit, Avia, and Misfit band.

9. Stunning Bracelet for the Fitbit Flex


This Bezels & Bytes bracelets is serving the attractive outlook of every lady and gentleman.

  • A wide range of colors including merlot, tan, black, black extended size, orange, and gray helps to convey more confidence to the wearer.
  • This genre is made  of high quality materials (12K gold plated brass, genuine leather strap, and nickel-free) to support a long-lasting wear and add instant polish to your look.
  • The door on the back of the bracelet enables users to insert and remove the tracker charging or switching between accessories easily.

Moreover, it is slim and lightweight which is really suitable for daily wear.

Things to notice:

  • The regular size bracelet fits a 5.5” – 6.5” wrist. The extended size fits a 7.25” wrist
  • Compatible with Fitbit Flex

10. The TORY Hinge Bangle Fitbit Bracelet


The Tory Hinge Bangle really cares about the customers by providing a 4 different choices in terms of the size of the wrist: : XS (5.5″-6.1″), S/M (6.1″-6.75″), M/L (6.76″-7.5″), XL (7.6″-8.5″). This high-quality bracelet can be worn from day to night, with or without Fitbit.

Moreover, it is super safety to secure your workout tracker, thus there should be no fear of losing it anymore. The hinge is easily opened and closed so as to slip the bracelet on and off.

Things to notice:

  • There are 4 bracelet sizes available to any wrist measurement
  • Compatible with Fitbit Flex

11. The LITTLE PRINCESS Silver Glitter Hinge Bangle Bracelet


It is ideal to wear this bracelet on any occasion dates, to the office, wedding, parties or any events, which perfectly hides your favorite tracker. The silver glitter makes your activity tracker more sparkly and unique, but is so versatile. It appears under 2 main colors: silver and gold. Hence, it will match your gold or silver jewelry that you already own. A various choice among 8 different brand names, altogether with different price tags allows buyers to consider more options.

Things to notice:

12. The EVELYN INSIGHT Metal Bangle Fitbit Bracelet


This bracelet allows you to cover your Fitbit Charger or Charge HR whilst still tracks your steps and progress during the day. This model is one among the simple and versatile accessories which is being introduced. The colors are light and simple but still elegant. You can choose between brushed gold or brushed silver, shiny gold or shiny silver. However, the measurement seems to be a hardship for those with a big wrist.

Things to concern:

13. The BEVERLY Colorful Silver Hinge Bangle Fitbit Bracelet


The Beverly Bangle possesses a very exotic look and it adds unique detail to your hand or anything you pair with it. The simple but elegant pattern is suitable enough to decorate your fitness tracker and blows a fresh breeze to make it more attractive. The bracelet appears in the market with 7 colors: coral, ocean, plum purple, salmon pink, seafoam, sunshine, toffee and no difference in price. 7 colors and one size that fits most wrists.

Things to notice:

14. The ANGELINA Bracelet


This Angelina bracelet is attractive with its gorgeous hammered metal look. The classy and fashionable style is perfect to cover your Fitbit Flex. There are 3 main colors: silver, gold and gold silver and the bracelet itself is stretchable, that means 1 size for most wrists.

Things to notice:

  • Size: Inner Circumference = 7″ inches, Width = 2″ inches
  • Compatible with Fitbit Flex

15. Fitbit Flex Bracelet: Delicate Squares


A bracelet with sophisticated pattern will make your appearance striking from others in any social events. The construction of elastic sting without any complicated fastener is a big plus to this. This does not mention the lightweight design that brings comfort to the users. In order to adjust to the correct size, just buckle your band comfortably on your wrist and count the holes that are open on the back. Or to see your progress lights, simply slip the bracelet to the size and tap your Fitbit Flex.

Things to notice:

  • Petite size: 0 or 1 holes open.
  • Standard size: 2 to 4 holes open or large band with 0 holes open
  • Standard Plus size fits: 5 holes open and large band with 1 to 3 holes open
  • Compatible with Fitbit Flex

(*) The top 15 best fitness tracker jewelries above are sold separately with the tracker. You can buy a combination of fitness tracker and its suitable accessory.


Here are the top 6 criteria to choose the best accessory for your aesthetic demand:

  • SIZE: Unlike your fitness tracker that can be fit in anyone, an additional accessory comes from a mold. Therefore, think about your wrist size before making an order
  • COLOR: Most fitness tracker jewelries are designed to meet the demands of a wide proportion of customers. That is the reason why gold and silver are so popular in the market. These 2 colors are fashionable, elegant and attractive
  • DECORATION: Brands like Tory Hinge or Evelyn Insight refers plain surface without much complicated decoration. For those who are a big fan of engraved textures or sparkling pearls, the Tinley or Victoria will catch their first sight immediately
  • MATERIAL: The accessories are suitable for your complexion and cause no scratches or damage to your fitness tracker
  • GENDER: Women tend to hook on those accessories with eye-catching patterns while men lay emphasis on simplicity
  • PRICE: The prices, to some people, cost an arm and a leg. However, having a luxurious accessory for your tracker is not a big thing to concern because what we are caring is a healthy lifestyle. Thus, making your fitness tracker more beautiful is just a style, not a must


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