Top 5 reasons that you should wear a fitness tracker

If you have heard about a tracker that can help you pursue your fitness goal and make you live better, this article is the right destination for you. There are numerous reasons why people should own a fitness tracker that both suit their fitness purpose and, of course, their budget. Fitness trackers is penetrating into the worldwide market with various styles and colors. However, the quality and functions of a tracker determine which one is best suit for you. Here are the main 5 reasons why fitness tracker is so popular and why you are advised to get one.

1. Being a motivating partner

The meaningful message of a fitness tracker is more than just a gadget itself, it is a fitness buddy or a strict mentor. Generally, the main functions of a tracker include its standard of measurement and motivation. All your activities come in to visual under the form of information. The ultimate data reflects your effort during your workout routine, which later helps you set more fitness goals. Seeing your improvement provides a great sense of accomplishment and that is the main ingredient if you would like to continue your fitness journey.


The motivation will be amplified when you broadcast your achievement on social media, for instance Facebook or Twitter, with just a short stats. This is a great way to get your friends and acquaintances involved in your personal improvement. Just a compliment on your new sportive appearance can easily make your day and it is also a great stimulus whenever you are exhausted. Moreover, there are many apps to challenge your buddies if you are attempting to a similar goal of, for example, shedding some pounds this month.

2. Setting fitness goals

Setting a personal fitness goal is much the same as drawing a map to go through a forest. Clarity and detailed orientation are top priorities when it comes to any fitness goal. At the initial stage, jot down what your purpose is when you buy a tracker, for losing weight, stepping more, tracking sleep or just simply being more active. This means a lot before you buy your own tracker. Many fitness trackers, namely Fitbit Ultra, Nike+, BodyMedia, etc., tracks almost everything by using accelerometers, altimeters and algorithms. The more advance the tracker is, the more sophisticated the built-in components are.


Normally, people start by setting a simple goal to count their daily steps. Some trackers automatically set your daily goal at 1,000 steps. 1000 steps is approximately 0.8 kilometers, which is equivalent to about 10 minutes of walking. Parking your vehicle at the end of the parking lot, using stairs instead of elevator or spending 5 minutes walking around the office during break time are beneficial things you can do every day. As a result, you will believe that conquering a thousand-step challenge is a piece of cake.

A fitness tracker is also good at controlling your eating habit. A healthy lifestyle needs more than just regular activity. Keeping track of the quantity and quality of your fuel helps you control your calorie absorption. You can enter your food choice and water intake to evaluate your meal on a daily basis and make any possible changes if necessary.

3. Monitoring heart rate

It is vital to keep track on your heart rate, not only during your workout period but also your rest time. Luckily, a fitness tracker can fulfill its task by continuously collecting data both in your workout and rest. It shines a light at the blood vessel at your twist, sensor then detects each surge in blood flow that corresponds to a heartbeat. With this function, you can pinpoint the activities that makes you sweat much and whether you are overloaded with exercises.


On an average, a normal resting heart rate for adults ranges from 60 to 100 beats per minute. This number depends on other factors that directly affect your heart rate, including body position, emotion, medication and body size. Consult your doctor if, according to your fitness tracker, your resting heart rate is consistently above 100 beats per minute or below 60 beats per minute. These signs can be more serious if you have other simultaneous symptoms, such as fainting, fatigue, drowsiness, dizziness or short breath. You can read the article about Heart Rate Monitor Watch .

4. Diving into water

Fitness tracker, with water-resistance function is a great gift for any keen swimmers. Now you get a more overall of your fitness routine as you can record your fitness state both on-land and in-water. Water-proof trackers use the internal accelerometer to track changes in direction while you are in the water.Most users use water-proof tracker to get the information of the stroke count, swimming efficiency (via SWOLF score) and pace.Data later be sync to other electric devices in the form of easy-to-understand charts and graphs.


Famous brands like Garmin Swim, Misfit Flash, Moov, etc. come with lightweight design enabling swimmers to move more comfortably. The screen is perfect for viewing underwater with adjustable lightning function. Moreover, most of them use replaceable coin battery without requiring any charging during your workout time, especially when you are swimming in long distance. Users are also pleased with the silent alarm from your tracker while swimming. It buzzes your wrist when you reach your goal of completing a certain number of laps, or to signal a certain time of a day. Then, you do not have to constantly checking your wrist to see how many laps completed. The biggest plus for this type of tracker is its competitive price in compared with other trackers operating GPS, sleep tracking or heart rate monitoring. You can read the article about Waterproof Fitness Tracker .

5. Tracking your sleep

Fitness tracker has a purpose for every part of daily circle, especially while you are sleeping. That resting is parallel to exercise optimizes the success of your fitness routine. Your whole body should be relaxing to make up for any exhausted moment during the day. It might be a cliché of the claim: without enough rest, your body will suffer.


Fitness tracker, with sleep-tracking function, offer an approximate result of how restless you are during the night. The tracking mode is set once you start lying on bed and let the tracker do everything for you. It mainly collect the data of how long and how well you sleep based on your movements while sleeping. Uneasy night might be resulted from intense moments during the day. After data is sync to your computer or smartphone, you ought to pinpoint any factors during daytime, list them out and elaborate if you are able to.

For people who suffer sleep deprivation, this device is helpful to be set with sleeping goal. If and when, you can control your snoring time by visually experiencing what happens while you are in bed. Make sure that you have 3 cycles of sleeping during the night (or at least 7 hours of resting) so as to recharge your battery for the next day.

All for you

A fitness tracker or workout watch, during your health-improving time, is such a means of psychological encouragement. Albeit it does not turn you into a model on the magazine cover, it supports a lot in elevating your mental state and endures your passion towards a final goal. With modern technology, fitness tracker is being improved its common features of counting steps and burnt calorie, making the final data to be more precise. Not only that, more functions have been added to reach a level of perfection, including the ability to be used under water, to monitor users’ heart rate, or to check the length and quality of their sleep. There are sure to be more beneficial functions to be discovered. Everything listed above are constructed on the ground of users’ demands and benefits. No matter who you are and what you are doing, if you are finding a good method to reach your fitness goals, the right fitness tracker must be out there for you.


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