What Does The Maxi Climber Exercise Machine Do

As our generation embraces convenience more and more, we shift into a more sedentary lifestyle. A lifestyle that is certainly taking a toll on our bodies, and overall health and well being. A sedentary life is one that rejects any type of physical activity whatsoever.

According to the World Health Organization, physical inactivity ranks as the fourth leading risk factor for worldwide mortality. Physical inactivity can increase your chances of getting cancer, becoming obese, suffering from a cardiovascular disease or having to deal with stress, anxiety, and depression. All diseases that could potentially reduce your lifespan considerably.

Sure, our type of work may not create enough room for physical activity or exercise. Yet, there is a way around such hurdles. Most companies have even had gyms installed in the workplace, for their employees to utilize. Furthermore, some families have gone as far as investing in a home gym.

That said, if you are thinking of investing in some machinery or exercise tool good enough to use at home, you’ve come to the right place. Ever heard of the Maxi Climber? Let us take a detailed look at what exactly a Maxi Climber is.

What Is a Maxi Climber?

A maxi climber is one exercise tool that has increased in popularity over the last few years. Largely due to its effectiveness in weight loss and maintenance. The Maxi climber is a machine that is positioned vertically, having a handle at the top of the arms, and a place to position your feet at the bottom.

To work the machine, you have to place your hands and feet in the right positions, and move them up and down, as if climbing a mountain. The climber helps create an upward movement which is very similar to mountain climbing.

Experts have it that incorporating a maxi climber into your exercise regime, is like adding strength training and cardio. It engages every muscle in your body; the upper and the lower body. Hence, it is also great for toning your entire body.

This is why most workout enthusiasts, that use it, refer to it as the Maxi climber total workout. In just thirty minutes or less, you can have an effective full body workout. However, it does more than just help you lose weight, it also helps increase your endurance and coordination. It also helps increase your energy levels, that can prove effective both at work and at home.

Such an exercise can also help improve our health for the long term. So, it is extremely beneficial to both men and women alike.

How To Use A Maxi Climber

There are a few key points to note before using a maxi climber. You need to ensure that as you exercise, your back is not arched, Ensure that it is straight and that it stays that way throughout the whole workout. This helps avoid back pain or problems.

Position your hands and feet in the rightful places, and secure your core. Then you can start exercising. If you are a beginner, ensure that you start out slow. Start by exercising for a few minutes, three days a week. Once you notice an increase in strength and endurance, you can increase your exercise time.

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