Workout challenge ideas to make excersise more fun and enjoyable

Have you ever thought of abandoning your fitness program because of boredom? Whether or not you are thinking of adding some more ‘interesting’ spices to your work-out time? If the answers are both “yes”, this is the right destination for you to seek for some possible methods that make fitness the most wonderful moment ever.

I am definitely sure that you have initiated your fitness program with purposes. Some want to lose weight after a month, others are finding the right method to become more active, my dear friend want to participate in the Marathon event, etc. Whatever your reason is, choosing to do more exercise every day is a great choice, even though your expected results are not supposed to happen immediately or just after a nick of time. The miracle will happen if you are giving enough daily effort, altogether with a strong will and determination. Let’s pause for a second to re-read the 2 questions in the beginning of this article.

You are having a fitness target, that’s fine, you also set smaller steps to achieve it, that’s fine too. However, you should look back to see whether there are anyone accompanying you to reach your goal. If you are working out by yourself, problems arise. Every morning, you are running by yourself, in the evening, you are sweating out in the gym. Your goals have not made public and , of course, your achievement will be kept in silence. It does not mention the fact that boredom sometimes hamper your spirit. If you are born with a strong mindset, you are much more fortunate than me and the majority of people who are coping with temptation and disparity whenever we have no mood to do any exercise. This is the consequence of having nobody involved in your workout routine.

As simple as it might sound, a friend (or group of friends) can support you a lot in your attempt to stay active every day. You should share your schedule with ones who has the same goal, share it with your roommates, your family members and even your soul mate. This helps you stick longer to your plan and acquire fruitful outcome which, to some extents, is hard to have when being alone. Following are some common workout challenge ideas, which both create more fun and enhance your long-term relationship.

1. 30 days challenge


30 days is not too short, but long enough to engage yourself into a real challenge with your friends. Based on your current need, you should discuss and decide what type of challenge should be prioritized.

  • Gym challenge: If you are a newbie of gym, this is a great chance that you can create and maintain your motivation as in the first month of gym, you have to suffer some unexpected painful experience. A reward of a month of gym fee, a full-paid holiday or a small party are the best options for the winner to choose from.
  • Yoga challenge: I am sure that most of you have heard about yoga and its positive effects towards human health. However, some postures of yoga require durability and endurance in order to maximize its efficiency. Why don’t you challenge your friends in your yoga class about a new yoga position?
  • Weight loss challenge: This is one of the most common challenges to be found in the fitness world. In order to have an ideal appearance as a model of a magazine cover does, some people cannot stop being obsessed about their overweight outlook. As a result, they are getting rid of fast food and beverage, heading themselves to consume fresh vegetable and that’s all. In the long run, there might be side effects. On the one hand, they may not supply enough energy for the whole body. On the other hand, just a small piece of chocolate bar in a late night can ruin their previous effort. It is advisable to share on social media your goal and your daily food. You can also share your home-made videos of your weight loss routine, just like a digital diary. In presence of a group, they are always helpful to give you advice and motivational discourses.

2. Balancing acts


This challenge is promised to improve your balance skill after a short period of time. Balancing exerts your muscles, abdomen, hips and other target areas. You have to balance your body like a statue and anyone who can stay balanced to the end win the prize, so easy right! No matter how simple this might seem, the repetition of this challenge not only targets your flab, but it also improves your balancing skill.

There are plenty of exercises in this genre, for instance planks, side-led raises, V-sit position, etc. Unlike Yoga challenge, balancing acts are suitable for everyone and they can be done wherever you want. Moreover, you can use stability ball or boards in order to make things more interesting.

3. Flexibility goal


Stressing muscle is the main point of this challenge. If you are overweight with a big belly, have you ever try see your fingers reaching your toes without bending your knees? And there are more and more of things you can think of to dare your friends’ flexibility. The challenge is mainly to form a position using your inborn flexibility skill. Give this task a time-frame of 10 – 14 days or more. As a reward, each member has their best stretching position photographed as a good memory.

4. Challenges via electric gadgets



In the recent years, more and more fitness experts recommend walking 1000 walks (or more) in order to maintain your healthy weight and exercise your heart. “The 10,000 steps number was discovered in Japan over 40 years ago” ,according to Susan Parks, CEO of WalkStyles, inc.Apparently, Japanese are healthier than Americans and other Western countries. Pedometers are designed to count the electronic pulses each time to take steps. Therefore, you can challenge your friends with a 10,000 steps every day, for the whole week. Walking for half an hour at a 15-minute-mile pace will earn you approximately 4,000 steps, just over a half to go.

Fitness tracker

Another electric device to support your fitness challenge is fitness tracker. Unlike pedometer, fitness tracker (workout watch) is more widely used and more convenient to track your steps, burnt calories and even heartbeat. The data is then synced to your computer or smart phone, which allow you to recap what you have done. In order to check out the most fitness tracker that suits you, visit here:

5. When should a doctor/ personal trainer be involved


It is advisable that your workout routine and workout challenges should be conducted under guidance of a professional. In fact, an experienced trainer does help a lot in shortening your path to your fitness goal. What would happen if there are any unexpected injuries and no one in your group have every experienced this before? And from which source would you have sincere and beneficial advices whenever you have question to ask?

A dietitian should be consulted while following a specific diet. They might face their own health issues, such as diabetes or heart diseases, and it is so risky to be involved in any fitness program without professional supervision. It is advisable to have your doctor check your workout challenge ideas before deciding to engage in. You should also inform your doctor whenever there are abnormal signs of your body. The purpose or workout or fitness challenge is to make you feel better, and this should not be seen as a chore or duty.


The suggested workout challenge ideas above are your references and they can be modified as if some of the challenge takers do not have their capability to perform the task at a difficult level. It is a wise idea to have a consensus of every member before deciding to any specific challenge. Moreover, it should be clearly stated that these activities are serving the purpose of being healthier and providing the atmosphere of joyfulness, rather than taking the extreme to be the winner.

Having a friend (or more) in your fitness routine significantly eliminates the feeling of loneliness and boredom. Let’s pick up a game, or a challenge, and stick to it for a week or more. It is not so difficult that you cannot think of any other challenge ideas, remember that the ideas must be based on your mutual fitness target. It is also very important to switch your challenges as no one are happy to eat the same serving every day for the whole month. Remember that your health condition would determine if you are fine to take up any certain exercises. Thus, consultation from fitness expert is a must. Never over exercise as you will not anticipate any unexpected circumstances or injuries.

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