Workout partners to enhance workout spirit

Together we are living in a big community where most people are willing to support each other. This behavior is a precious gift that nature has bought to human beings since the time they first appeared in the world. Humm, I think this is too big and far to imagine, let’s narrow down to any of your daily activities, specifically: your workout process.

Despite the fact that some people choose to work out by themselves as a preference, the majority of us should have at least a partner whilst we want to wave off our sedentary lifestyle and start hitting the gym.

A workout partner will eliminate the dull atmosphere of repetition. You have a fix schedule and a workout regime, and there is nothing wrong with them. What you should concern is to add more interesting flavor into your daily workout routine by finding a companion. Through this article, there are handful of reasons why you should need a gym buddy, then handy tips to pick up the most suitable one amongst your acquaintances, and most importantly, the possible solution to this mindset: “I understand what you are saying, but I still want to work out alone!”.

Why should I need a workout partner?


It was a cold summer evening, instead of rolling in a thick blanket, you must go to the gym. Sound creepy, right? Well, this scenario is one among a list of situations that tone down your motivation towards the gym and encourage the specter of laziness arise inside your mind.

This feeling exists if you have a gym buddy at no time. Can’t you stand being home while your friends is out there sweating among the dumbbells (and girls), and you are here enjoying your idleness. Years ago, having a thought about this really motivated me, I felt ashamed and run out to the gym immediately.

Tada, that’s what a gym buddy is expected for, a means of MOTIVATION. From other perspective, a gym-mate not only accompanies you to the gym, but he/she is also a great source of workout suggestion, I mean a consulter. This is a great positive reinforcement that lift you up whenever you are fatigued. Wait, this is the way how your partner keeps your spirit up. In case you are accompanying your best friends to the gym and give your own advice to them, recap in a word: exciting! Here are 3 main benefits to have a workout partner:

  • MOTIVATION: your fitness target creates an urge to achieve it. This is an inner boost, but not enough. Regardless of how much you like to exercise, there will be a day when you simply do not want to put on your running shoes. That’s why a gym buddy appears as a life-saver when he/she gets you in line by telling what you should do. In the end, your inner boost.
  • ASSISTANCE: workout buddies can keep an eye on your form and provide any assistance if you are in need. It is super convenience when you don’t have to ask the strangers around you. Assistance from your buddy might add more layers of safety to your workout routine.
  • ACCOUNTABILITY:you have to be more responsible to your gym partner and yourself. Should you know that you are scheduled to work out at 7:00 with your buddy, will you skip it and leave your friend in despair?

In what ways does a workout partner help me?


1. You will enhance your training process

In order to maintain and enhance your workout routine, consider your physical status, and also your friends’:

  • One who is stronger than you can become your trainer, or at least you are encouraged to boost yourself and increase your fitness threshold.
  • In case you are making friends with a less-fit friend, you will have a role that requires the skill of leadership which can increase your confidence and motivation levels.
  • Having a buddy with the same physique gives you more excitement of achieving your fitness goals. (this option will be discussed in the following part)

2. Quitting workout program is not an easy task

Yes, a workout partner is besides you from time to time and definitely know who you are: a strong-minded person or a coach potato? We have nothing to do with the ideal former, but if you are the latter, this is the right time to change your mind. A gym buddy will remind you whenever you forget your schedule and as a last resort, you have no choice rather than compel to your daily exercise routine. After a challenge is completed, another will appear. And encouragement from your gym buddy is the only possibility to keep your spirit towards a new goal.

3. Having a motivated friend around is a great gift

It’s time to stop for a while and think about someone at school (or at work), who did motivate you a lot when you were struggling with difficulties. Good things will come when you have a motivational symbol, the impetus that prevents you from skipping your training day, accompanies you to the gym after work or in a raining day, and most of all, encourages you to hit the gym on a regular basis. Yes, you both stick to a workout regime and sooner or later, you will become a gym regular!

4. Wake-up issue is no longer a hardest task

For people who begin a new day with exercises, waking up early is a must. However, getting up early is a habit, and it takes at least a month to get you familiar with it. Having friends or family members as a gym buddy really boosts your mood in the beginning of the day. It’s time for responsibility as making people wait is so impolite.

5. Competition is a good way to keep moving forwards

A healthy competition is good for both of you because you are always in a competitive mood, of course for a positive purpose. The feeling of winning this month target will keep you more focused on your training path and try out more advanced exercises. This action, to some extents, is beneficial to your training session and adds more spices to your training period.

6. Are you willing to learn new activities?

Teaming up with a partner increases the likelihood that you will try new types of workout that you have not tried alone. At some points, you will be ready to engage in new activities such as mountain hiking, surfing, or marathon racing, all sort of things that you have never given much thought about. A challenge from your partner may help you discover the new sports, or you can introduce your own sport to him/her.  Give yourself a chance to learn new stuff and do not hesitate to become a fitness trainer in your skilled activity.

How to find the most suitable gym comrade?


Well, finding the most productive workout partner is not such a herculean task. Be positive, friendly, sincere, and honest to choose the right partner. This mission somehow seems to be picky, but it should be. Considering these 4 possible options and start filter your relationship, and yes, your gym buddy is definitely out there.

1. Use your social network

The person who can work out with you might be your father, mother or siblings, your classmates, your colleagues or even your neighbor, why not! In fact, choosing people who are close to you is a great way to effectively squeeze in a little quality time.You can turn this healthy activity into a social opportunity by catching up and spending time together. Other established bonds really give you more choices to think about.

In case none of them are not suitable, have you ever thought of hiring a personal trainer? Or making friends with strangers is also advisable, in these ways: talk with your local gym about who are looking for a workout partner, or you can attend a fitness club to share personal experience. The atmosphere in these places is easy-going, and people are generally friendly and approachable.

2. Consider physical status

If you are looking for a personal trainer as a gym buddy, it’s fine. Or if you want to become others’ fitness instructor, there is no problem. However, let’s consider this. The person who has the same physique as you can facilitate your workout process. You both feel easier to sympathize, to encourage and to witness the progress.

Moreover, competitive challenges help boost your effort and maintain the persistence to do daily exercise which is a kind of concrete to build a long-term bond. In order to find more about fitness challenges, please visit here: .

3. Care about their personality and ability

Laziness is the enemy to everything, from studying, working and physical training. If you are lazy, manage to fix it as soon as possible. If you are having an IDLE friend, it’s time to change his/her character, otherwise find another one that motivates you, but not coaxes you to skip your workout program.

Instead, your gym comrade should also be RELIABLE, PUNCTUAL and SELF-MOTIVATED. Moreover, a KNOWLEDGEABLE partner will give you valuable training tips and correct your form when necessary. Build a good rapport and ensure you take each other’s advice and criticism constructively.

4. Have the same fitness goal

As important as having the same physical status, the same target really boosts your mutual mood. Partnership does not last long unless you are working towards the same end.

Let’s face this. Even though your fitness goal is to gain muscles by lifting weights, you should set up a schedule with a friend who is willing to run with you around the neighborhood every morning. A good workout regime is one that uses multiple training methods. Therefore, you should head your goal to them but still pursuit the muscle target. It is advisable to keep your workout and your conversation interesting by teaming up with a few different exercise partner.

When fitness tracker becomes a partner


Fitness tracker or workout watch is a wise choice in the case that you cannot find a suitable partner immediately. For those who are supposed to work out on their own, fitness tracker is an indispensable device to track monthly improvement. Generally speaking, if there is no one besides to make friend, let’s afford a workout partner and listen to it, as a machinery companion.

Fitness tracker allows you sync data to other electric gadgets, then you can easily exchange information through soft wares and web pages. Based on the information you get from the fitness tracker, you can easy ask for advice or instruction, post on social media and enjoy the admirations from your friends.

This is supposed to add more layers of joy to the workout process and erase the monotonous feeling after hitting the gym. Needless to say, nothing can be compared to a real friend. Therefore, replacing a gym buddy with a smart gadget should be listed as a last resort.

Bottom line

It is worth to spend time finding the right workout buddy for yourself. The best candidates in your wish list don’t have to be your best friends, but the real buddy should be a great source of inspiration and make you excited about getting to the gym. Exercise partners can be a powerful combination of accountability, motivation and support, altogether to help you achieve a healthier life.

It is not a hardship to pick up a fitness companion from the crowd. However, you should have a thought of your current physique, your personality and your targets to be conquered. Finally, once you have found yourself a partner, make sure you make the most out of him/her. It is fortunate to have one but do not try to limit your ability around just 1 fitness friend. The more exercises buddy, the merrier it will be! If smiling contently in the peak of fitness mountain is what you are thinking right now, stand up and find a workout partner.

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