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Weight lifting or workout training is no longer an exclusive domain of men as it gradually becomes a trend of workout routines for women. In the modern days, women are step by step penetrating in to this arduous and arid  field, so as to prove that they can do what men can in terms of physical activities, and even better. 

1. Shortcut to the workout routines for women


There are 2 main obstacles women should overcome before going to the gym: the feeling of embarrassment and the misconception of muscle construction.

For sure, one might feel loneliness in the strange place crowded with alien gym goers, exclusive the fact that most of them are amongst the opposite gender. This first shyness creates the initial hesitation for women to expose all their potential in the gym room.

Other women are brainwashed with the rumor that they will look masculinity after a couple of weeks. Thankfully, one the one hand, it is not easy to be more bulky and on the other hand, women have no hormonal support like men.

However, muscle is muscle, no matter what gender you are. There is no difference between male and female building muscle, the only matters that tell the difference include volume, frequency and intensity. In order words, the fundamental of muscle building in terms of approaches is the same for both genders.

2. Methods to have a lean body

In order to achieve the best result, you have to design a professional workout plan, then have a notebook for tracking your nutrition. These 2 actions must be taken on a daily basis, just like a fitness diary that you can easily follow and have some immediate modifications if necessary.

Workout plan

In the process of planning your own workout schedule, you should divide itself into 2 main categories: Cardio training and weight training.


You are not the only fitness doer having a thought that challenging-muscle exercise is specially for men, and you, as a female, prefer stuff with high reps, light weight and supplement machines. You are not totally wrong from this perspective but, unfortunately you are just wasting your time. But let me tell you this first.

Exercises such as running or cycling have the oxygen delivered to your muscles. The calorie you burn in this process is not considerable to what you need to lose some pounds. Research has shown that cardio exercises can easily hit the plateau, in which stage where people cannot lose more weight or make any further progress. In sum, this is a bad method for any long-time weight loss effort. Let’s pause for a second, can you figure out why I did mention this is a waste of time?

Weight training is another story to be told. Building muscle makes you look toned and defined, sometimes firm, tight, athletic and feminine. Yes, FEMININE. Most of you are doubting “what on earth does weight lifting make women feminine?” Yes, YOU CAN. Both men and women require the same method to grow their own muscle: Building smaller amount of muscle. After having the body you like, you can stop working hard and start maintaining your muscle at that point. Otherwise, you can move on to look bulkier and bigger. It is advisable to have a 2-day rest that can help you relax and recharge your energy. This may be a good moment for your cardio activities such as running, skipping, or jogging with your friends.

Nutrition plan


Diet is a crucial aspect when you jumpstart your body transformation. Before considering any finds of food in the market, be sure that you utterly understand how your body works and discover your dietary need to design the right nutritional strategy. For some, diet is a hardcore as they must stay away from their beloved food.

However, from other perspective, diet owns a different meaning that simply relates to the products you take in every day. Here are some necessary substances for your daily meals:

  • Protein: no one can transform their body with the absence of protein, as this essential nutrient plays it role as a backbone in body construction. Try to absorb protein from various products like eggs, milk, greek yogurt, nuts, beans, etc.
  • Fat: Well, fat is another substance to add in your list. You should use dietary fat which does not put more weight on you. Avocado, olive oil, coconut oil, etc. are natural sources of fat, whereas cakes, cookies and pies provide a high proportion of trans fat – the only fat that you should avoid.
  • Carbohydrate: this is a combination of vitamins, fiber and mineral coming from banana, low-fat milk and some kinds of vegetable such as broccoli, spinach, potatoes, etc. Carbohydrates does not raise your blood sugar and it makes you feel full longer during the day.

Besides those substances mentioned above, you should drink enough water during the day, especially do not let your body dehydrated during workout time.

Training period


For the first couple of weeks, you should practice with light loads to be familiar with all the movements with quintals and machinery stuff. As a rule of thumb, training properly is better than training hard. Train yourself at a low intensity provides a sense of comfortable of your movements and makes you understand how you feel more clearly. Therefore, concentrating on your body motions is a must before thinking of using heavier load. Let things happen slowly and gradually while pushing too fast may result in unexpected consequences.

Here are some common exercises for a new member in the fitness world. Remember that the woman in these clips is your model of movement, just follow what she is doing, not how many kilos she can lift. 

Leg, butt and abs

Chest, back, arm and shoulder

Back and biceps

One thing you should take consideration is how you divide your exercises. According to the sample videos, the trainer splits her program into 3 main muscle groups. This is what you should imitate, follow this woman schedule or design your own one. After deciding which groups of muscle are working at the same day, make sure you give them suffice time to recover, at least 48 hours before making them work hard again.

After having spent enough time for proper movements, you should start more advanced lessons. At this point, adding some weights to the total is a must as you cannot work out at the same level in the long run. You ought to truly challenge yourself by increasing the weight, even just a little bit.

S.R.R.P methods


S.R.R.P stands for sets, reps, rest and progression – the top 4 elements in workout routines for women. For instance, you are lifting a weight of 5 kilos in an exercise, then you repeatedly lift and lower it 10 times before setting the weight down. 10 times of movements is called “rep” in one “set” of exercise.

Normally, you should perform 8 – 12 reps in one set, and 2 – 3 sets in an exercise. Remember to increase the weight to the end of your lifting. For instance, for the first set, you should do 12 sets with 50% of your strength (let’s say 3 kilos). Then, the more set you take, the more kilos you should put in, and the less reps you should perform.

The suitable rest time between each set is 30 – 45 seconds if you are under an intense training. For beginner, 1 or 2 minutes is advisable because your muscle requires enough time to recover. FYI, resting too long might cool off your muscle.

You should not do the same weight each month because if there is no challenge to your muscle, your body may not change considerably. Make any possible progression until you want to maintain your body. Progression needs more weight each week (or each month, even a tiny add), more reps in 1 set and, more importantly, shortens your rest period.

Bottom line

Body transformation is an enormous challenge to women at first, especially for those pursuing the road of working out at gym. Becoming more confident is the threshold that you should step over, and then develop your own program. You should consult your personal trainer or anyone having experience in this field in order to harvest the best result. Finally, patience, consistency and positivity are your mantras every day, keep repeating those words regularly to eliminate any fears of desperation. One last thing, workout routine is a journey. Only ones who are enjoying this path are the winners to be.

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