Workout Watch is the Perfect Combination of Fitness and Fashion

Wearable fitness trackers are becoming increasingly popular, and for a very good reason. They provide an excellent and unobtrusive way to measure several health metrics as you go about your day. They can report on anything from how many steps you take to your heart rate, blood oxygen levels, and the like. The thing is, a lot of them look like crap.

Why A Workout Watch ?

Now, if you’re not busy, that’s fine, maybe you don’t need one. You always have enough time to do everything you want.  You never end up putting off exercise because there’s a crisis at work. You never eat some kind of take-out crap because you don’t have time to shop for something that’s good.


Are there any people like that in the world? If there are, we don’t know them. Everyone we know is busier than they can handle, and when you’re busy, you need help even with important things like your health.

That’s where our workout watches come into play. They’re simple to wear and they can track what you’re doing throughout the day so you can make sure you get some exercise. You’ve seen the research. Moving around during the day—even if it’s just a five minute walk to break up a long period of sitting at a desk—can be enormously beneficial to your health.

These workout watches aren’t going to make you fit, but they can sure as heck make it a lot easier for you to get fit.

But They’re Ugly

Well, yes, some of them are. We don’t sell those. We don’t have any interest in selling you something that’s going to sit in a drawer because wearing it makes you look like an idiot.

We care about your health, so we’re only going to sell workout watches that look good enough to wear when you want to look your best. After all, if you’re not going to wear it, it can’t do you much good.


That said, tastes differ. What’s stylish for you may be ugly for the next guy and vice versa. That’s why we have a number of different styles and colors. We have the basic black look of the FitBit Surge, the sleek, colorful style of the Misfit Shine, and the bold colors of the Runtastic Orbit.

The bottom line is simple. If you’re looking for a workout watch, we’ve got one that will look great, whatever your look.

How Do They Work ?

You strap it to your wrist just like a normal wristwatch. There are sensors on the back of the watch face that will maintain contact with the skin on your wrist. These contact points will allow the watch to take some important measurements, heart rate, blood oxygen, and so forth. There are other sensors inside the watch that can measure how much you’re moving, and they can track in three dimensions so they know the difference between walking on a flat surface and taking the stairs.


They collect this data without you doing anything in particular, and they send it to your home PC so you can track your progress.

But there’s more. These things are little computers just like smart phones, so depending on the model, they can be programmed with goals (200 steps a day, stairs instead of the elevator, et cetera and so forth) and they can prompt you to get off your butt and move.

Goals Are Incredibly Important

In any fitness regimen, you’re going to have to push yourself to do more. If you want to be more fit, you’re going to have to exercise more, it’s just that simple. But at the same time, you can’t simply go from a relatively sedentary lifestyle to running marathons. That way lies both madness and injury.


What you want to do is spend a week or two wearing your workout watch to get a baseline level of activity. Once you have that, you’ll want to set a goal that’s higher, but not so much higher that you can’t achieve it. It’s great to set big goals—like running marathons—as long as you set smaller, intermediate goals because it’s going to take a long time to get yourself where you want to be.

Rewarding  Yourself Is Important

If you’ve undertaken a fitness regimen, you’re doing something hard. In fact, the hard is pretty much the point of the whole thing. You’re making yourself work so you can get into shape to live a longer, healthier life. The hard is good.



But the hard is also frustrating. You will have times where you plateau, where you’re still working hard, but you’re not getting results. You’re going to have to just work through those periods. They happen to everyone. They’re normal. They don’t mean you’re a failure.

But they feel bad. You’re going to have to counter them by rewarding yourself when you do well. You’ll want to be careful with your rewards. You don’t want to undo a lot of hard work by “rewarding” yourself by sucking down a pint of ice cream. But please, when you have successes, when you hit milestones, do something nice for yourself. It will pay off in the long run.

We’ve Got What it Take for the Long Run

We believe in providing the best possible product for our customers. That’s why we carry a number of different workout watches from a number of different manufacturers, and it’s why we have extensive reviews on so many of them. Your fitness journey is very personal. Everyone is different, and everyone changes a little bit. What’s right for me isn’t what’s right for you. What’s right for you now might not be right for you a couple years from now.
We’re here to serve you now, and we’ll be here to serve you in the future.

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