What – Why – How with Fitness Tracker

I. What is Fitness tracker ?

fitbit-charge-hr It is known as a device or an application that keeps track and monitors training/exercise  data such as walking/running distance, calories burnt. Some trackers can go as far as monitoring more complicated data such as heart rates and sleeping habit/routine. Nowadays, with the development of technology, a fitness tracker can be synced with computer, laptop, phone, etc using wireless connection; thus a tracker can be wearable and can be used in daily life. There are also applications on mobile and Facebook that behave as online trackers.

II. Why use a fitness tracker ?

why-use-a-fitness-tracker The more you understand about yourself, the better health you can maintain. Just imagine with the help of a smart bracelet or a watch that can tell you how much calories you burnt with each step you take, how your heart rate changes with each exercise level, how far and how long have you run, how well is your sleep. It can even analyse your daily data and indicate the time you are active the most and vice versa. And all of those information can fit within a fashionable fitness tracker which is as small as your watch that you can wear and bring it with you all the time. Researches showed that keeping track of yourself not only improve your lifestyle but also help you to create good habits. By following and reviewing your own schedule, you can easily figure out which part that you need to improve, what time should you sleep, what type of food should you take and when. All of these information is provided to you immediately, in anytime that you need. It’s just like seeing your reflection using a mirrow and make yourself look better.

III. How to use fitness tracker efficiently ?


  •  Set your daily goals: The best way to make yourself better, healthier is to challenge your today-self. This can be done using a fitness tracker. Almost all of trackers can help you to set your goals. In most of the time, people will likely to set goals that they can easily reach. This is not a bad thing. The trick is to slightly increase their difficulties after each exercise and after a week, compare you with yourself from the last time and see how much you have achieved. From this data, do not forget to add in some higher goals to keep yourself motivated to reach them.
  • Every small steps count: The mistake of many of fitness tracker users is they easily forget that daily life habit takes a big impact of the process to improve your lifestyle and health. Make sure to remind yourself about daily things such as the time to have breakfast, taking stairs instead of elevator, walk to a café or park to take a break instead of watching a TV show at home, make sure to walk at least 200 steps a day, etc. A house is built from thousands of bricks.
  • Do not be a lone sheep: One of the basic needs of human being is Belonging need. All of your progress and achievements may become tasteless without having someone to share them with. Do not restrain yourself from sharing your road of pursuing a healthy life with other. Join a club or group of fitness tracker users like you, get more inspiring stories from them and inspire people too. You will receive lots of encouragement. It would be even better if your family members or friends can join you in exercising. Not only you are not lonely but your long term goals now seem more interesting.
  • Do not forget to reward yourself: a wearable fitness tracker cannot replace a real reward for your hardworking training. When the gadget is no more than just a mere tool, the numbers are just numbers, it is time to keep yourself motivated by having a “mission complete” reward. Each time you reach a goal, either small or big, do not forget to chip in your piggy bank or a jar some small changes or small notes. After a month or so, take the savings and treat yourself something, for you have worked really hard.
  • Minimize false data: When tracking your running steps, a gadget on your wrist proves to be more accurate than wearing one on your waist. However, moving your hand does not necessary means your leg is moving too. Additional actions caused by your hand may add up to your step counter and end up giving you inaccurate data, especially when you wear the tracker on your dominant wrist. Some trackers allow user to config results analysing by setting which wrist you are wearing your tracker. But if your device does not have it, the best way is to use it on your non-dominant side.

IV. Modern jewelery

fitness-tracker-modern-jewelery Forget the boring and calculator-look-alike counter in a gym, a fitness tracker has reached a higher level of bringing the value to your life. It is not only a plain health measurement tool but also a kind of accessory to add in to your fashion style. Trackers now come with various designs, colors and brands to satisfy all types of customers regardless their ages, sexes, tastes, etc. Some famous brands are Fitbit, Jawbone, Nike, Garmin… The following is our reviews of the best fitness trackers:

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