Best Waterproof Fitness Trackers reviews [updated 2017]

Most ordinary fitness trackers are not waterproof, and even if they are, they bear only minimal amount of resistance towards occasional splashes and cannot be worn in the shower or used during continuous underwater activities that involve deep water immersion. Luckily there are numerous waterproof fitness trackers available in the market today. The following are few exemplified benefits of a waterproof fitness tracker that is not just ‘water resistant’ but waterproof in the real sense of the term.

Monitors exercise and calories burnt on rainy days


Fitness tracker wearable’s that possess a waterproof nature, can optimally work in rainy days, in order to monitor the number of steps walked per day and the total number of calories burnt in the process. The presence of this feature greatly triggers wearers to keep on exercising and walking even when the the outside weather is unfavorable.

There are many people who fail to hit the gym on a regular basis due to a busy lifestyle, and rely upon simply walking from home to work as the only way of exercise. Many a time, they may have to walk on rainy days to work, and wearing an ordinary fitness tracker during this time cannot assure all-round consistency in performance and complete resistance against heavy downpour. On the other hand, come rain, sleet or snow, a waterproof fitness tracker can always monitor performance without fail.

Measures performance underwater of waterproof fitness tracker


People who swear by swimming as the best form of exercise and are looking for fitness activity trackers, that can measure performance underwater, the waterproof fitness tracker is probably the best solution for them. The waterproof activity can be measured by two symbols denoted on Swimming trackers , the IP and ATM or Atmospheric pressure.

The value of ATM suggests the depth and amount of water pressure they are built to tolerate. These trackers monitor performance during swimming, by providing an analysis of strokes, individual turn speeds as well as endurance against the prevailing water pressure, thus allowing more efficient training of swimmers.

Fitness wearables approved for swimming activities have high ATM values of around 10-50 which directly translates into the depth of water resistance. They also track the distance covered during swimming, the stroke types, number of strokes made as well as a carefully estimated calorie count. Such a wealth of features in-built in a waterproof activity tracker are indeed desirable for serious swimmers who wish to track their pool performance much more than any other activity.

Better Resistance to Liquid Damage


The most common cause of damage to smart watches and fitness wearables is liquid damage. Liquid damage predominantly results in aberrant functioning of the tracker, and may manifest as charging issues. Ultimately the only option left is to get it repaired in exchange for quite a cost, or buy a new one when the damage is too intense to be repaired completely. This results in extra expenditure and decrease in the longevity of the system. Ordinary fitness wearables essentially lack protection systems to insulate against such damage, and although they do contain minimal water resistance, that too wears off with time and prolonged exposure to liquids, thus rendering extensive water damage to the sensitive parts of the system.

A waterproof fitness tracker on the other hand, is built with the very purpose of withstanding huge amounts of water pressure and conditioning the sensitive parts of the system from liquid damage.

Additional in-built fitness tracking apps

Waterproof fitness tracker is not just about monitoring the calories burnt underwater, it also involves a huge selection of many more desirable attributes which improve its functioning and sensitivity to underwater activity. They incorporate dedicated swimming applications such as timer apps which measure and display hourly count of calories burnt while swimming, and thus serve to evaluate performance better. Also there is a GPS system which works well enough to survive immersion till a water depth of 50 metres. Unusual features like heart-rate tracking, functions underwater too, thus allowing consistent measurement of performance and health. The presence of other usual features like sleep sensors, long battery life of eight months and along with wrist-supported notifications make it one of the most comprehensive devices in the current market.

Buying Guide for waterproof fitness trackers

Fitness trackers surely are motivational to people on the lookout for a better lifestyle through exercise. However if you enjoy swimming more than any other exercise regimen and aim to achieve a fitter body and weight loss through it, then you should make sure that you purchase only a waterproof activity tracker, which has in-built resilience to water pressure as well as special softwares designed to monitor underwater performance. Here is a guide to help you land up with an optimum waterproof activity tracker.

  • Design: The most desirable waterproof trackers are the ones that come in the form of leather bands to wear on wrists or clips to hook on swimming trunks. If you are using a tracker for the first time, it is best to wear it on the wrist to prevent losing it accidentally.
  • Waterproofing rating: To adjudge the resistance level of the trackers, simply note the ATM rating ascribed to the model. ATM values of greater than one imply that they can survive immersion up to a water depth of more than ten meters.
  • Additional Features: Waterproof trackers should not compromise on other essential features due to their waterproofing activities. They should work equally well in the gym too. Check for trackers that sport sleep monitors, heart-rate tracking, altimeter, accelerometers and GPS.
  • Compatibility: Maximum waterproofing trackers sync efficiently with iOS as well as Android, although compatibility with Windows phone is rare. So before buying one, know whether the device will pair up with your handset.


All in all, waterproof fitness trackers prove to be a sensible one-time investment in the long run, as they are robust enough to withstand varying extremes of water pressure. So if you like to lead a healthy lifestyle and cant resist from taking a dive or two in the pool, do not let the ordinary fitness tracker deter you from doing so, instead opt for a waterproof activity tracker in order to measure your performance during prolonged swimming sessions without fail.

Waterproof fitness tracker reviews

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